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June 03 2004

Wonderfalls Nominated for a 2004 TCA Award. The Television Critics Association has nominated Wonderfalls for Outstanding New Program.

Wonderfalls is up against Arrested Development, Joan of Arcadia, The O.C., and Deadwood.

OUTSTANDING NEW PROGRAM OF THE YEAR “Arrested Development” (Fox) “Deadwood” (HBO) “Joan of Arcadia” (CBS) “The O.C.” (Fox) “Wonderfalls” (Fox)

As much as I want Wonderfalls to win, it doesn't stand a chance against The O.C.
The O.C. is my guilty pleasure (very well acted by most of the cast and occasionally exceptionally written), it pushes primetime soaps a little bit in a direction I could get to like while still retaining the overall trashyness that most fans of the genre love. It has a sense of humor that at times is almost Joss-like (I guess I'm mostly referring to some of Adam Brody's material playing Seth Cohen). However, I think Deadwood is far more deserving of a win...possibly Wonderfalls as well, but I can't tell for sure after having seen only four episodes.

I was about to say that Carnivale should be on this list, but then realized it's the "Outstanding New Program of the Year" awards, not of the season (which makes little sense seeing as the year isn't even half over yet, but magazines and entertainment associations will use any excuse to put out self-hyped awards promotions).
I think Carnivale was eligible, cuz the critic at TV Guide who did the write-up on the TCA noms mentioned he voted for Carnivale.

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