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June 03 2004

Tim Minear talks with National Review about Angel, metaphysics. Conservative pundit and Buffy/Angel fan Jonah Goldberg reprints a letter from Tim Minear on National Review's weblog, The Corner, as a way of hyping Goldberg's own (upcoming) column on the series.

Check the magazine's website tomorrow - that's probably when the column will appear.

Goldberg has mined his Buffy love for columns before.

It's hardly hyping his column, Dave@...pretty much everybody who reads NRO's The Corner section will almost certainly read Jonah's regular column too. I think (and I know Jonah) that he just found it cool that Tim wrote him and wanted to share with others.

I don't visit The Corner that much...Jonah had told me a month or two ago that he'd give a mention about trying to save Angel, but I didn't see it till now.
The scene was actually between Cordy and Wesley. Yes, I'm a geek, but I also wrote that scene and that line. I tried to explain this seeming problem in an earlier episode by having Angel explain re: why he turns up on film: "It's not physics, it's metaphysics." Sadly, that line was cut (shot, but cut) because the episode was nine minutes over in its first assemblage. So I suppose that doesn't count.

Actually, I remember that line. It was not cut. It's on my DVD. And also, there is a bit of talk on Buffy about vampires being able to be photographed. Or maybe that was some fanwank I read somewhere. Now I'm not sure.
"...the episode was nine minutes over in its first assemblage".

One of the biggest failings of the Buffy/Angel DVD sets... no extra footage. Sigh. (The comment about this line actually remaining notwithstanding - I would love to see some of the extra stuff in general).
The comment about this line actually remaining notwithstanding - I would love to see some of the extra stuff in general

As would I. Sigh. I love the outtakes and the screentests too. Amy Acker's screentest is FUNNY! I could not stop laughing. I had to watch it three times in a row. It was great supernatural slap-stick comedy. It makes me think that Joss could do a half hour sit-com set in this universe where magic spells go wrong and there's the classic misunderstandings (ala Threes Company) and it would be hilarious. Of course, Joss would kill everyone off that you love, so maybe not so much.

I still think a Spike and Illyria sit-com would be brilliant.
Actually, the metaphysics line was cut. However, it is mentioned in the Angel Casefiles (as a line cut for time)

Oh, it's from Ats 1.17 'Eternity'(which I've always found very overrated)

I've always loved the line, and think of it whenever I read someone getting way too literal minded about things.
Woah, David went blonde. Wonder if there are any pics online...

Yeah, I pick up the superficial points. :)
There are some of David and his new `do here:

There are no larger versions of those pics availble, but you can see the colour pretty well even in the small ones. ;)
Awesome, thanks lalaa! That doesn't look too different. I wasn't expecting platinum or anything, just lighter.

I've always wondered about the mythos for vamp appearances in the Buffyverse. I wonder if it's supposed to be a consistent thing, like they can never change their appearance. But then I think of a few style's Spike had. And Angel was seen with both long and short hair. And even though it seems they've strayed from any changes later, it does seem that it's possible for them to do something different if they chose to.
David looks great with a soul patch. I think he looks a lot better in general. Maybe it's the tan. Heh.

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