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November 06 2002

(SPOILER) Another Tom Lenk interview This time he speaks to about the death of Tara and fan boy culture amonst other things.

You wait for ever and then two Tom Lenk interviews turn up on the same day.

I met him recently at a Buffy convention and he is an incredibly nice guy.

I personally don't usually have an interest in meeting anybody from shows I admire. I don't think it's necessarily right for an audience member to imagine that just by seeing these actors perform you suddenly have some kind of invitation to get to know them personally. It's their job. Let them do their job and then go home impressed.

However, I think it'd be cool to shoot the shit with Lenk, Strong and Busch over drinks. They just seem like alright dudes. Seth Green would be a nice guy to hang out with too, at like a Breeders concert or something. Cruising the room checking out babes or just shouting over the din about independent films and rock bands. They seem like real cool guys on or off the set.

So interviews like this are a rare treat. Most of us fans will never get a chance to meet these guys in person, and if we do it'd be in a convention setting where maybe you shake their hand and try not to look like an ass when complimenting their work. So keep these interviews comin'. It's the next best thing to being there.
Not happy at all that I've got to miss meeting Clem, Lorne, and Groo (well, James Leary, Andy Hallett, and Mark Lutz) at Mid Ohio Con at the end of the month. Sure, I fear I'd just end up doing the drooling fan boy thing, but still...

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