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June 04 2004

The Confessions of a Semi-Successful Fanfic Writer. piss take of an Angel fan fic writer. Amusing.

Ummm...are we sure this is a send-up, or is this just one woman who is extremely full of herself? That was one of the more annoyingly egotistical articles I've ever read, parody or not.
Check the date: April 1. Every year does a parody - this year they redid themselves as
That was pretty funny and very believable as a non-parody. It's not too far from the attitudes of a lot of fans out there.
Ah okay, I see the parody in it now that I look at the original article. I was also wondering why the heck that TeeVee site looked so much like
Oh, so glad to hear it's a parody....I thought this was just some arrogant f**k. I enjoy fanfic, but I can't stand the attitudes of the writers sometimes. They act like they are award winning artists....blech.
Hilarious, thanks for the link! We can certainly tell what TeeVee thought of the original article, which in itself seems to mirror a lot of discussion here at Whedonesque about the direction of TV. Kind of interesting that the parody showed such knowledge of fanfic practices -- wonder how "mainstream" it's considered in fandom these days?
Like most good parody it's VERY close to the truth. I have seen many sites with scans from magazines or screencaps from the show with "I did these scans/caps. Do NOT take or use them without MY permission!" comments at the bottom of the page. Hello? You STOLE those images, and now you're demanding that no one else steal them from you!? Time for a reality check!
The sidebar and letters were hilarious as well.

I gather other places do not realise that this is a piss take, have changed the subject line accordingly.
A few of those letters are real, actually received in April from people who thought it was real.

Others are as fake as the article.

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