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June 04 2004

Buffy Slayer Scythe on Ebay. Replicas of the scythe from the last few episodes of Buffy are now on EBay starting at $800

Um, for that kinda money, it better be the real scythe with real ubervamp blood on it.....$800......good grief!
All those weapon replicas are very expensive to make. They're made out of sculptued plastic and rubber. I know that the machine guns on Firefly were over $1000 each, so it doesn't surprise me that the scythe's starting price is $800. Real, actual weapons are of course much cheaper, but it probably wouldn't be a very good idea to let actors handle a big axe with a pointy handle!
I gotta agree with Rogue slayer, here. lol.
So, essentially, this person is making and selling an actual weaponóbut warning people not to really use it! I can think of other things I'd rather spend $800 on (though I did put in the Items I'm Watching page to see if how the bidding war goes!).
I still want one, but it's not like I have the money to buy it.

Forged in secrecy...and then later sold on ebay!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2004-06-04 19:25 ]
there are other things i've wanted more - like giles' briefcase. but, this does look SO cool. *sigh*

i can't talk about price. i've spent money in quite stupid ways for buffy-related stuff. it made me happy. worth the money.

still stupid, but hey, happy.
eta: it's a replica of a prop. it wasn't EVER used on the show?

for a costume, sure. but for actual buffy-relatedness? my money was better spent. my opinion only, of course.

[ edited by leenah on 2004-06-04 19:44 ]
All those weapon replicas are very expensive to make. They're made out of sculptued plastic and rubber.

Actually, this is a single metal cast, apparently based on the original "hard rubber" prop sold by the Fox auction last year.

However, making such replicas is a quasi-legal area. Purchasing a prop doesn't entitle the buyer to make copies to sell; just like purchasing a piece of art or sculpture doesn't allow the new owner the right to reproduce it en-masse. The rights to the design are still held (unless sold or licensed) by the original owner/designer.

I'm surprised that it hasn't become more of an issue on eBay considering their Counterfeit Items policy which says:

"Listings offering replica, counterfeit, or otherwise unauthorized items may be ended early by eBay. Multiple violations of eBay's Replica and Counterfeit Item policy could result in the suspension of your account."
I join the chorus in support of Rogue Slayer's assessment.

leenah, I'd rather have Spike's briefcase...stocked with several cans of beer!
SaveAngel - Seeing that Ebay has so many listings, it's hard for them to monitor every one of them. If someone reported this listing they'd probably look into it and cancel it then if they thought it was breaking any rules.
Very, very cool, though I can't tell if it has the wooden stake on the end. That's an essential part of the scythe's coolness after all. Why can't I just be a multi-millionaire so I could toss away 800 bucks whenever I felt like it? Damn middle-classiness.
Aren't they going to make offical replicas soon? I'd much rather spend money on that then on someone who bought the original and are trying to cash in on the market.

The Scythe and Mr. Pointy were on the list if memory serves me correctly.
I want The Coat
Yey Power Rangers!!!!
It doesn't look as pretty and shiny as the real thing. I reject it.
Hmmm, what's the shipping charge for something like that? ;)
I want Wesley. Will he ever be auctioned on ebay?
Wesley's body, perhaps. But even then it'd be all decayed and funky smelling. :(
Plus - the photos are real crappy. Can't even see what you're spending $800 for.

I want Anya's necklace. Not so much for the vengence (well - maybe a little), but for the flying-around-anywhere powers it has.
leenah: I have a briefcase. For $800 it's yours. Plus, I'm British by birth, for that added stuffy authenticity :-)

electricspacegirl: I think Ms Hannigan has the market cornered there. Curse them both. In a nice way.
Yeah. Curse on Alyson Hannigan! Or...not. Because those two are my favorites. They are just so lucky.
If I remember correctly, in a old interview when asked if he took anything from the BTVS set,Joss stated he swiped the original Scythe as a momento.
as someone who worked at the Canadian Border, I can guarantee that scythe would NOT be allowed across the border. Canadian shoppers - beware!

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