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June 05 2004

WB Angel board receives last minute reprieve. Mod Candyce says, "Angel fans live to see another day. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!" or not as the case may be. The board has gone.

I can't even tell what's going on there. In the WB General section there's a lot of WB hate. Not that I mind so much, but...what's this about Angel fans seeing another day?
hmmm... interesting

i'm either going to be really happy or really let down - i don't trust the wb one bit anymore
So much for another day. They shut down the Angel board. Me thinks the mod was being sarcastic.
I been posting there for over a year...the so called reprieve was a lie or a tech prob..either way, tune into the WB General Board if you enjoy uprisings or Train Wrecks.. its Humorous and sad at the same time...Kinda like a Jerry Lewis Movie!...Hey some of us WB posters can laugh at ourselves!

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Well the WB General board has pretty much turned into the Angel board, hasn't it? I like some of the titles there, heh.
Yeah, Its a Hostile takeover..i'm stirring up as much crap as I can on the way out...It's the least I can do for Levin..Hey..Its what I do!..wait till tommorrow when the day shift signs in! Play in the Sewer...go out in the sewer!!!...Its Levins world..we are just livin in it!

Immature?..yep...vindictave?..yep...Slamming a Idiot network suit...Priceless!
I've never quite understood why people think a board is going to stay up once a show has been cancelled. The network doesn't care about the community that's been created around it. If the show is gone, there's no point in keeping the board, as far as they're concerned. I understand being upset, I understand being pissed that the show was cancelled (and I'm not defending the WB's cancellation), but why would the WB keep the board?

They delayed its demise a couple of weeks.The WB's Angel board is plastered with's tough losing a near million hit board...sooo they dragged us out!
Tis not just the board that's gone, the Angel section has gone too. No more viewing trailers or recaps of episodes at the WB site anymore.
Well...we saw it coming...we been forced to play cat and mouse on that board...we couldn't repost(scripts...verbage) scenes direct from due to pg 13 board rating crap(even though it was straight from ATS!) result we became masters at much so we did a Pulp Slayer spoof that slid by one Mod but got kicked by matter..we got it posted.

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In contrast, UPN have apparently decided to keep up the BtVS section of their web site indefinitely. It must cost them next to nothing, and yet anyone who visits (or the top Google hit for "Buffy") gets instantly reminded about which network it used to air on. Gee, I wonder which approach makes more business sense...
I know it's immature, but some of the posts on the WB Board about Angel are so funny! :-)
The difference is that UPN didn't cancel Buffy. Like I said, I'm not defending the WB -- I think it was stupid and shortsighted to cancel Angel -- but I'm not surprised. I wouldn't expect them to keep the sections alive once the show is gone.
Speaking of Google...this not Whedonesque but humorous none the less...Go to Google and type in..."miserable failure"...

...NOW Thats funny!
Hehe. Here I was thinking it would mention The WB, but that's just as priceless.
A8 LOL, couldn't have put it better.
Mod Candyce returned to clarify:
Posted: 06-05 09:50:00   
I said Angel board lives to see another day. That does NOT mean 24 hours. Angel board did make it past midnight, which IS ANOTHER DAY.

Y'all had a few more hours together, but you knew the board was going down.

And further:

Posted: 06-05 17:58:00   
I did not mean to mislead anyone. As far as I knew when I went to bed at 3am I could not take down the board due to technical difficulties. I was up front with everyone.
You got 3 extra hours after I had told you for a week the board would go down.

I'm sorry it had to go, but it's done now. Blame me if you want, but I did my best to let you know it was going to be gone

Uh huh. Right. Was it that difficult for her just to say that in the first place? She may have honestly not meant to mislead anyone, but it was poor phrasing to begin with.
Reminds me of Obi-Wan - "...from a certain point of view..."
I hate to change the subject but do any of you know if the sorry WB and Joss have collabrated on the Angel movies? I heard the WB is not doing the Dark Shadows series too little too late if u ask me just a curious person thanks.
If an Angel television movie happens, it probably won't happen soon, and there's a lot of evidence to suggest that the whole thing was just b-s on the part of the network. (The cast and crew, for instance, have said they don't know anything about it.)

A number of people have speculated that the WB cancelled Angel in large part to make way for the new Dark Shadows remake. If that's the case, then maybe we're not entirely unjustified at being glad the new show will never air. Rumor is, the Dark Shadows pilot was really bad, and it's not on the network's fall schedule. (I believe it's also not planned as a midseason replacement, although that may not be definite.)

I'd imagine that, even if Jordan Levin and the rest of the WB realized they made a mistake by cancelling Angel, they're not going to actually admit it now.
"I hate to change the subject but do any of you know if the sorry WB and Joss have collabrated on the Angel movies?"

Nothing's happening. TV movies were never really considered. The WB just wanted to seem diplomatic when they released the press statement annoucing "Angel's" cancellation, trying to make it seem like a friendly cancellation. A Spike TV movie was briefly discussed, but it was never under serious consideration.

The best thing you could hope for at this point would be a relaunch of the Dark Horse comic book series. Joss Whedon did mention an interest in doing an Illyria comic book mini-series.
ANGEL: People who don't care about anything will never understand the people who do.
HAMILTON: Yeah, but we won't care.

That's the network execs in a nutshell.
I want to see Illyria in real form instead of comics. I mean, I'd buy the comics but I want to see Amy Acker in that role again. I was hoping for a spin-off. She'd also kick butt in a big-screen movie.
As a contrary note, I have it from someone in the know that the WB was serious about the offer. Fox did want to produce ANGEL TV movie-- but the plans were nixed by D.B., who has said repeatedly that he isn't interested in revisiting the character on TV. He wants to be a movie star.

The others were all onboard to continue in their roles, and James Marsters has said the sooner the better. He's not sure how long he'll be able to maintain his age-defying appearance as a vampire, after all.
I was there until they shut it down, and I'm sorry I think if someone doesn't know exactly what is going on then they should not say anything. If it was me, I would have said tech is still working on it, but the board could go down at anytime. She was very misleading. Makes no mind. It's done and the WB is dead to me.

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