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June 05 2004

Bad News for Andy Hallett Fans! It is reported that the actor is in hospital.

oh that's so sad

get well soon andy!
My thoughts and wishes are with Andy and his family and friends at this horrible time.
Here's hoping for a quick and uncomplicated recovery.
Yikes. Get well soon, Mr Hallett.
Hrm, shame there doesn't seem to be a place one could send a card. Anyone have any ideas?
Couple years back, I met Andy at a con, and he was just completely cool. Best thoughts to him and his.

(edited after seeing ocular's post). According to his website, Andy can be contacted through his agent. Anybody want to start a massive get well soon campaign?

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Ouch, hope he gets better soon.
Awful news. I hope he recovers fully.

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This sounds quite serious. My thoughts and prayers go out to Andy and his family.
I emailed his agent a few hours ago and am awaiting a response. I asked if there was anything at all we could do, get well cards, etc. If there's a reply than Slayerverse is organizing a campaign for him and hopefully some other sites will jump in as well.
I really hope that you fully recover. Best Wishes
Just shocking. I hope he has a full recovery. My thoughts and best wishes are with him and his family.
This is really surprising. I hope he gets well soon.
If you read the boards at, it seems that Andy is well enough to attend all the UK events (he was contacted Tuesday the 1st June by the event organiser), but won't be attending any of the parties. The information about his health was kept quiet out of respect for his privacy.

All the best Andy and looking forward to seeing you!
Oh that's so sad! I hope he gets well. Get well soon, Andy!
Oh god, I hope he’ll be ok, I mean heart problems…that’s pretty serious. well get well soon Andy! does anyone know if there is any get well cards or banner type things for him being organised among the fan community?
oh i just read adam baldwin's post and got all happy. this definitly is shocking and tragic news and threw off my day. i hope he feels better soon. +Faith+ please let us know about the agent and campaign thing.
A special prayer for Andy and his family at Mass tomorrow...God bless, you good fellow.
I will rsfayez. I haven't heard back yet but then again I don't expect to until at least Monday. I'm such an impatient person and I want to start it now lol, but if there's no place to send something it'd be a wasted effort for the fans.
Andy's agent says that there will be a letter to fans on his web site possibly later today. She and Andy had requested that, out of respect, the news of his illness was to remain private, until he made the statement. Unfortunately, it was leaked, likely unintentionally, by convention organizers after a last-minute cancellation for Moonlight Rising, in Pennsylvania. She reports that Andy is expected to recover soon and be well enough to travel to the UK for his schedule of convention appearances there.

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When the report says there is nothing 'accurate', I hope they mean current, because then well....why read the report? ;) But really, heart stuff isn't small potatoes usually. I hope it's just minor. I have no idea what problems come with an enlarged heart. Best wishes to him.
I really hope that Andy will be ok. He is in my prayers.
Here's wishing him a speedy recovery!
Edited because it's now posted at his site.

I'm happy he's okay and doing well and I hope he continues to.

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Andy's letter is now up at his site

Sending positive thoughts and good wishes for a speedy recovery.
I think in future when there are rumours going around about cast members, that people qualify them as rumours. Everyone knows how fast misinformation (even though it is well intended) can spread round the internet.
Excellent point, Simon...when it's just specualtion about the Serenity movie or whatever, that's one thing, but when it's about someone's actual life...well, thats another.

What was it about valor and discretion and the appropriate parts?

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