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June 05 2004

Michelle Trachtenberg's new movie 'Vinyl'. She replaces 'Donnie Darko' actress Jena Malone in this film set in modern day L.A..

She certainly is keeping busy! Of all the ex BtVS and Ats cast she is/has done more since the shows ended that all the others put together. Her agent is earning his 10% all right.
True she is doing quite a bit, but if Eurotrip is any indication, its not quanity but quality, she might make 6 movies,but if they all bomb then her career will probably go the same route.
As long as she's getting paid, she's doing good. Some of the best talents in the business have done a half dozen crappy movies for every good one. Although both this film and Eurotrip aren't aimed at my 'demographic' I still consider myself a Trachtenberg fan and wish her the best.
She's also picking a variety of things to do and that's the best way to showcase her talent. I also wish her the best.
We all wish her the best, but the say that getting paid equals doing good....not in Hollywood. And yes famous actors have made bombs, but as you say, they also made good ones. I've yet to see a good MT movie.

Then again, I've yet to see a good SMG movie too. Anyone see Harvard Man? Ouch..... Nice sex scenes though. Altough they're the reason her 'I felt degraded in S6' remarks surprised me. But hopefully the Grudge is gonna be good. If it's as good as 'The Ring' I'm happy. (I still say it was an improvement on Ringu, even though that's apparently an insane thing to say for some)

Also, as we can see from Eurotrip and the Olsen twins movies bombing, I think we're hitting the end of the 'brainless teen' comedies era for now. MT should move to other types of projects. This sounds good at least, but it's hard to tell yet.

Also.....sigh....I'm a perv....every time I saw this headline I thought "That mean she's gonna be WEARING vinyl??" I know, I know....I'm a sick man....I need beat....

Oh! And MT can do that! While wearing vinyl!

See? I'm sick, sick.........
But how many movies has she made since Buffy? AFAIK, just one. And it's not like it was Battlefield Earth or anything. By all accounts, it was a fairly good entry in the teen gross-out comedy genre, which is obviously not to everybody's taste (and also, btw, completely different from Olsen twins movies). Her upcoming stuff includes a stint on Six Feet Under and a Greg Arakki film. Much better than SMG's pre-Grudge slate.
"As long as shes getting Paid"?
Zachsmind- I hafta disagree witcha. it aint about money

"HarvardMan? OUCH"
EdDantes- DEFINITELY hafta disagree with U, too. Harvard mans a good flick. what kinda movies U like. Eurotrip? Cruel Intention is great, too, IMO

(breathes in through nose)ahhhhhhhh, Donnie Darko. one of my faves if not my fave. I highly reccomend

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Not like Trachtenberg is even remotely as good as Jena Malone, so I'm kind of ambivilant because I don't know if this movie will be any good.

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