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June 07 2004

SFX Readers Awards results. A seemingly hung over BBC Cult team bring us the highlights of last night's award ceremony run by the UK's best (and probably most influential) genre magazine. BtVs, Sarah and James win in their respective categories.

We think that's roughly right. Apologies if we've got any of that wrong.
Hehe, it's either caffeine withdrawal or someone had a really good time last night. At least they have a sense of humuour about it.

Btw, do the awards air over there or are the results just published?

Edited because I'm having caffeine withdrawal myself and therefore making little sense, and then a second time so that I don't sound illiterate.

[ edited by +Faith+ on 2004-06-07 17:29 ]
It's not televised which is a shame really cause they do get some great actors turning up to it.

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