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June 07 2004

Angel: The Future is Spike, Illyria and Andrew? This report is wrong, please read TaraDi's comment for proper clarification - Simon.

That is my dream setup. Spike, Illyria, and Andrew. That would be just awesome...
I haven't read the fourth Angel magazine issue, can anyone else confirm this?
I second that emotion, ringworm.
Can we have Wes too?
But Wes is dead!

I'm just saying it was a great ending. It would be a shame to spoil it. Really all I care about is my Little Shiva. Illyria I love you

And Amy Acker I also Love You!

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spoiler tags, please.

Wait. Wes who?
Spike/JM--yay! Illyria/AA! Woohoo! Andrew/TL....


Of course, I'd be happy to watch five or six Buffyverse TV movies if Joss wants to change my mind about the twerp.
Spoiler tags? The series finale has already aired. If you haven't seen it and want to stay spoiler-free (which is perfectly understandable), you should probably avoid posts about post-season 5 news.

Right now, this is just a bit of unconfirmed maybe-news, which I guess is a whole lot better than nothing.
Yeah, what exactly have they signed on for? And what's the source? It's hopeful thinking, but is there more substance than that?
At the con, JM said 'Spike is dead. But probably not dead since there will be a tv movie.' JM is nothing if not inconsistent!! :)
cjl: Joss changed my mind about Connor, and it took some damned miracle workage, but now I like the kid. That's the level of convincing I'd need to really enjoy Andrew. However, I'm willing to suspend hatred while this is in the rumor/projection stage. Joss? On the TV? I'll watch that.
I love Andrew, he's actually the character that I almost insist be in a spinoff. Spike and Illyria are also right there on the list, as was Wesley until May 19th came and crushed my dreams. Now if only there was something actually in development, I'd really be doing the dance of joy.
I'm okay with Spike and definitely LOVE Illyria, but Andrew? Yuck. They're really going to have to write him well in order for me to change my mind. I thought Andrew totally didn't fit in with Angel this season. I hated him in Buffy, too. He was so one-note.

Not to mention, if you bring in Spike and Illyria, how are they going to recap the conclusion (because they have to have one) of the fight from "Not Fade Away"? It's going to be pretty silly not to have David Boreanaz in the recap of it.

All in all, happy at the prospects of the 'verse continuing, but less-than-thrilled with Andrew.
They can also have Angel in it in a cameo at the beginning without Boreanaz. All they need is his stunt double to be in the distance fighting, and maybe get taken off in the talons of the dragon leaving his fate until Boreanaz is ready to return or goes to a feature film.
Not that I'm cautious or anything, but this information IS from a bulletin board post and allegedly in a magazine. Since when have any of the magazines been first with the news?
They don't need David Boreanaz. This story, if it happens, will most likely take place months after the end of "Not Fade Away." All I want to know about the battle is whether or not Gunn survived.
As for the Wesley issue, they could always bring him back. After all this is the Whedonverse and DEATH is only the beginning.
I am a contributing writer for the magazine and there isn't anything in the fourth issue of The Official Angel Magazine that confirms any of what is on that bulletin board. The only truth is that James, Amy and Tom all say in their interviews that they would all be interested in continuing their characters, but that is all. There is nothing officially announced about future plans in that issue, which came out in April -

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I would watch a show between these three if it was the worst ripoff of Three's Company. Which Andrew being the Jack Tripper.

I would watch The Andrew Show if it made as little sense as The Brak Show.

Despite the headlining actual Buffy being a necessity, the characters I vie to see continued are Andrew, Illyria, and Xander. Holding out hope for Nicky.
Andrew has had quite a journey since season 6, it will be good to have him around. Seeing him as a watcher was one of the cooler character developments of Angel this year, aside from Ilyria of course.

Can't wait to see what's coming next.
Angel without Angel? Bah, go away.
Angel without Angel?

Sounds perfect to me! All Spike all the time!

I know what will happen, Spike will shanshu in the middle of the battle and TPTB will pluck him up and drop him off in Italy where he woos Buffy away from The Immortal and they live happily ever after! ;)-
"Can we have Wes too?"

Not only is he dead (though they could bring him back), but it looks like they were just refering to who signed on. The same goes for JAR who I actually thought wanted to continue. Guess we'll have to see in the magazine.

ETA: Thanx, Tara!

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While I'm desprate for something to look forward to, I'll wait and see to believe.
TaraDi - Thanks for clarifying that. There's a big difference between having interest and signing a contract.

numbereleven - I miss Xander more than I expected to, and also would love to see his story continued.
Invisible Green - I get my Xander fix by watching Kim Possible.

Sad but true. Ron is extremely Xander-like, and his relationship with Kim is very Xander/Buffy in the earlier years.

It's been tiding me over until I can get my real Xander back, and I highly reccomend.
Thank you TaraDi for clarifying that, I've amended the subject line accordingly. Though I've always wanted to know. Is there much of a difference between the American and British versions of the Angel magazine?

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numbereleven: Damn straight avec Kim Possible.

The breakdown is thusly: Kim = Buffy, Ron = Xander, Rufus = Giles, and Wade = Willow. Debates, discussions, dialogue, dualogue, diatribe, dissention, declamation?
I saw this on MediaSharx earlier today, but was unsure of the timeliness of the item: is the poster referring to UK ANGEL magazine issue 4, published by Titan, which came out last November? Or Titan's US version of ANGEL magazine, issue 4 which is supposed to be on sale June 15? Or even the Official ANGEL Fan Club's magazine, issue 4 of which was supposed to be out April 27?

Or does the Official Fan club send out the Titan US edition? I'd often wondered if that was the case, since the fan club doesn't actually reveal much about the magazine.

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No, no, no: Kim is Buffy, Ron is Xander, Wade is all the members of the Trio combined (only good) and Rufus is kind of a superanimated Mr. Gordo.

What? Why is everybody staring at me?
I keep looking at these buffy/angel whedon sites, hoping to see some news of a future buffy verse project, I'm dreaming of it, what will Joss do after Senerity, hopefully a Angel film, it's a strange period for the buffyverse fans, we must appreciate the episodes we have, yet we earn for more, especially as our actors are getting old, and we want to maximise their vampire fights and stuff:D Dark times.
I too find that out of all of 'em I'm missing Xander most. Weird. I've been rewatching BtVS S3 for kicks.
Haha... Wade is like the Giles and Willow combination to me. But as long as Ron as Xander is undisputed. I've transfered my Xander crush onto him, and it's really sad.
Rufus is kind of a superanimated Mr. Gordo.

Oh, sure, take the obvious interpretation. Hee.

On my desk I have a squeaky Rufus in a Bueno Nacho sombrero. Once when I was working very late I heard squeaky Rufus wish me Happy Halloween. So, Rufus is Giles. *dismisses other arguments*
Add me to the list of fans who miss Xander more than any other Whedonverse character. I can't wait for the animated series to materialize, because I seriously need a fix!
At least two good characters are coming back...I just don't want Andrew to be the new Wesley-type. In that I mean how they took a stuffy watcher from Buffy, and slowly transformed him throughout the course of Angel. I really don't care what Andrew does as far as the Buffyverse is concerned, and if that's the case why not bring back Clem, Gwen, Wood, or Halfrek (I mean she does have that connection to Spike, did anyone else piece that one together?). Andrew is a nice comic relief, but so are Anya or Cordelia, why not bring these two back. Great, I expressed my dislike of the Andrew character. I don't hate him, it's just that with the coolness of the Buffyverse, that little nerd has great potential to ruin the show. I still think of the Trio Jonathan should have survived, I mean he was part of Buffy from day 1, but whatever. I am excited to hear that James and Amy have signed on. These are cool characters that we need to see more of. About my Andrew comments, I stand by them, he should be nothing more than a guest star...your all going to kill me now, aren't you?
Xander, Xander, Xander
*Sighs* this one post on a message board is spreading like wild fire on Buffyverse forums/message boards/web sites. I've re-edited the subject line.

I know we're all hoping that something is going to happen. But lets wait for official word from Joss/Mutant Enemy or any reliable (spoiler) source. I'm tired of these Angel stories spreading and getting fans's hopes under false pretenses. It's happened far too often since the show got cancelled.

And I want more Giles btw.
*scratches head at the Xander luv-fest*

Might as well have Riley in there.....

But I'm all down with the Giles luvin'!
Thank you Tara-Di. I got all worked up when I saw the headline and if it's for nothing I'm glad I know now. But if it was true, I'd be thrilled with these three. Andrew would obviously be there for laughs and the story would revolve more around Spike and Illyria. They could also work other people from the Buffyverse into the story like everybodies much missed Xander.

As for Angel not being there, easily explained by sticking it somewhere in the near future and having a flashback of the battle where you only see Angel from the back and side where you can't really see his face (or throw in some clips of DB in some fight scenes). And then give us a good reason why Spike and Illyria are together. Perhaps Angel sent them to Europe to fight off some of the demons from the Wolfram & Hart office there and that's where they hook up with Andrew and possibly other Buffyverse characters.

As for Wesley, no one ever really dies on Joss's shows so who knows. But, he died such a heroic death and he was so unhappy, maybe it's best to let him rest in peace.

And I want more Giles too but in his own show! Ripper! Ripper! Ripper!!!!
i thought The Girl In Question was a good enough end to his character. i love andrew to death, and Storyteller is one of my favorite Buffy episodes, but he just really doesn't work sometimes. there's nothing left to his character that needs to be addressed.
In season three of Buffy, I felt towards Wesley the way many now feel towards Andrew or did feel towards Dawn in Buffy's fifth or sixth season. I didn't understand why Wes got to go over to Angel, and back then I didn't catch Angel first run because to be honest, all three of them were my least favorite characters from Buffy. Time has proven me wrong. I think people need to reconsider judging Andrew before he gets a chance to grow. Angel turned out to be a much better series than I originally gave it credit for, and I imagine any future spinoff will turn out better than the worst detractors would predict.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: take either Giles or Spike, add three or five other characters from the Buffy/Angel mythos, and you got a guaranteed spinoff that would appease the fan base. However the problem would be pleasing a more mainstream audience and that's a tougher row to hoe.

I want to see Ripper too, but ASH will probably not sign up for another long series, unless it's all filmed in England. Since Marsters wants to continue playing his role, and both Acker & Lenk have voiced interest, Having Spike, DeadFred and Andrew on a marquee would be a good start. I'd add Jonathan or Wesley, Amy or Dawn and Xander or Oz. Depending on who signed on the dotted line. I could write up a first season arc for any of those combinations. And yeah. I know some of those characters are supposed to be dead. If I could get the actor back, I could bring the character back. Ain't nuttin' but a thang, baby.

In reality though, Whedon would be better off making an entirely new tv series that's loosely inspired by the BuffyVerse, building a cast of entirely new characters, portrayed by entirely new talent, and bringing in alumni at the leisure of talent, agents, producers, time, and all that stuff. NO need to let the complications and uncertainties of all those variables keeping Mutant Enemy from continuing with the stories. To tell BuffyVerse stories, you need a Slayer, a Watcher, a Loyal, a Witch, and any one or more of the following: a Were, a Vamp or other kind of Undead, a demon/god type, or an Esper/Mutant type. Anything else is just gravy.

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Joss created a rich universe with so many possibilities. A Buffyverse show doesn't have to have a slayer. Take a demon with a tragic past, but that demon on a road to redemption or give them a mission and add a few supporting characters.

A show about Illyria would be awesome! They could explore her journey in learning to care about people and to help them. I wanted Welsey as her guide but Spike would be a great choice. They have good chemistry together.

I'm glad I didn't read this post before it was edited. I would have gotten my hopes up and I don't want to do that right now. I want a show with Illyria in it so bad. I hope Joss has ideas for her. But right now I'm not going to believe any rumor like this until there's word from Joss or ME.
I'd love to see some more confirmation on this before I get excited. I don't mind that trio. I thought Andrew was funny on Buffy although it was at the expense of Xander. I think getting Wesley back would be as easy as Illyria finding herself powered up and twisting time to bring him back. Still and again, more confirmation please. And who would be left to write it? Minear, Greenwalt, Edlund & Noxon seem to be the only Mutant Enemy writers left without regular gigs....not that isn't a group to sneeze at.
Okay. A buffyverse story doesn't need a slayer. You're right. Doesn't need vampires. Doesn't need any.. technically you could tell a whole bunch of stories in the Buffyverse which had nothing to do with anything out of the ordinary. But if the slayers and vamps don't fit in at some point, why tell the story in the BuffyVerse? Why not create an entirely different world? What sets the BuffyVerse apart is the Slayer thing, AND how the vampires function in that fictionality in comparison to others from Bram Stoker's variation to the b movies of the late 20th century.

I mean sure they could tell stories about just demons or have a series that focused on a coven of witches or a pair of dead bodies that crawled out of their graves and don't know why they're dead but still moving. We don't need a Slayer. The next Star Trek franchise could be an all Klingon tv series too. I've been holding my breath on that idea for seven years, which might explain the lack of oxygen getting to my brain.

Before the last ep of Angel, I was hoping Whedon was going for a possible future where Wesley became the equivalent of a Watcher for Ilyria, who, when you think about it, is more like what the primeval slayer must have been like. Arrogant and feral and unpredictable. I think a show about DeadFred and Wes woulda been kick butt. Like Faith & Wood squared. When you think about it, they were ideal for each other on many levels. A match made in hell. Alas, it's not to be, perhaps even in fanfic, although I already can think of a couple ways to bring Wes back.

I could write a story that focused on Ilyria and Spike. It wouldn't quite be the same as the Watcher/Slayer dynamic, but that'd probably be to its credit. Spike & Ilyria in a tense and perpetually unstable partnership would be the best of both past series.

At any rate, if wishes were horses, eh? We're just gonna have to hold our breath, but I'm still holding my breath waiting for that Quantum Leap movie.
Look at the reaction to what it seems is a false ( sort of ) report. There are a lot of people that would like to see some if not all of the characters again. Spike, Ilyria, Andrew, all have a lot to work with. Could it happen ? Maybe, but it's awfuly soon. OTOH, it will have to be pretty soon or both the public as well as the actors will have moved on.
Oh! Thought I was on to the story of the year!

P.S. Tara Di, I very often read your articles. Please may I have a job at Titan
The person who started this kerfuffle has edited his post at the MediasharX forum.

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