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June 09 2004

Angel's timeslot to be filled by 'The Mountain' ,not the Foxworthy and Carey shows. In related news, a 'Global Frequency' pilot has been commisioned, it was suggested here that this show might be interested in former Angel writer, Ben Edlund.

And someone elsewhere speculated about former Buffyverse actors and actresses being interested in 'Global Frequency', when John Rodgers (writer/executive producer) mentioned the following:

"I have met a few actors and actresses, come to think of it, who loved the script and wanted to chat about it and also recently became available within the last year ... or two. You can do the math"

And even though the WB has removed link from its main pages, you can still get access to the episode descriptions, galleries and related Angel downloads on the WB site by going here. The trailers don't seem to be working though.

For what it's worth, it's Ben Edlund.
Ta, I can never spell his name.
Ben Edlund and Warren Ellis are two of my favorites. Yet, somehow, I cannot picture an Edlund take on Ellis... Could be very interesting.
Well, that makes it all okay, then...

I miss Angel.
What about all of Jordan Levin's friends who like to watch Smallville and Drew Carey, poor guys'll have to tune into the WB more than one night now!
WB and Fox the Wolfham and Hart of the television world.

Joss Wheadon fought the good fight, the fight is on going.
Jordan Levin has friends?
No, he doesn't...but he does pay those people a lot to stand around him and smile.

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