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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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June 09 2004

Pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Grudge. Many, many pictures of her in what I swear was an outfit from "The Yoko Factor". Film looking quite interesting now.

Apocalypse i thought 'the yoko factor' the second i saw these stills as well.LOL. it must be the inner Buffy geek crying out for some well overdue Buffy fix.
I swear she wore that on Buffy.

Maybe it's incredibly well kept secret Buffy movie, and this "Grudge" thing is just a cover like how Return of The Jedi was filmed as "Blue Harvest". Or, maybe not.
its the hair she has as well. All she needs is one little cut on her forehead and riley and angel to stand between and there you have it!
More pictures with many new behind the scene : here
i just keep thinking buffy, gosh, it's going to be hard to separate her from it
Hey, is that Clea DuVall in the last pic? THat would make it two Buffy alums on the cast.
It is almost like 'Buffy visits Japan' isn't it. Agree on the Yoko Factor outfit; have watched this ep many times as I love the Riley vs Angel action. Love Angel's line....'you're sleeping with him?'.
DaveW - it sure is - but its 3 buffy alums, Jason Behr also guest starred in an episode
Ok, if you don't focus too much, you can see Xander there....Giles running in to see Joyce dead with Buffy sitting beside her....yeah, it's all Buffy on the brain! But at least it seems those vague looks she honed in S7 will pay off!
ditz, or how about, "Even when he's good he's all Mister Billowy Coat King of Pain."
I don't think I can look at any pictures of her without thinking "Buffy". I think that is how my family knows her as well...

Had the TV on, and Scooby Doo was on (cause lord knows that play that everyday on cinimax...), my dad comes out and goes...don't you watch Buffy enough? *sigh* I have trained them all so well.
Yoko is Japanese...
Someone on pointed this out, but compare this still from The Grudge with this still from "The Yoko Factor." :)
The one isn't coming up properly don't believe in hot linking to pics on their site. *bites tongue*

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"I don't think I can look at any pictures of her without thinking 'Buffy'."

True for me, too. In "Cruel Intentions" she had brown hair, so it was easy to accept SMG as a different character. In these pics she just looks like a more vulnerable Buffy. Hopefully, she's created an entirely different character and will prove me wrong.

And, you know, the outfit just makes it worse.
Maybe she conciousely did this. For us Buffy fans. I mean it really does look like she fell out of "The Yoko Factor"...Where's Adam?
electricspacegirl, great line and also very true! Love Angel's smirk when Buffy takes him outside to the corridor and poor ole Riley still not 'moving a muscle'.
My favorite moment in that sequence was when after Angel told Buffy he didn't like Riley and she very politely said, "Thank you."


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