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June 11 2004

The Must-Hear Commentary List. IGN DVD praises the commentary for the Buffy season two episode 'Innocence'.

Equally entertaining is the Bad commentary list. So what do you think is the best and worst commentaries on the Buffy/Angel/Firefly DVDs?

Joss commentaries are always the best. Next would be when a writer and director are together on a commentary. I find Marti Noxon's commentary to be just a bit on the dry side. Worse though was putting Marti and David Fury together on the first ep of season 6, the track was just so laid back, I couldn't listen to it all.

The reviewer mentioned that Joss puts just enough info of all elements gone into making the show, which is why his rock so much. My ideal commentary would be heavy on the technical side, lenses, lighting, post audio etc...and the Firefly commentaries look like they might have more of that stuff. I'm only up to the second firefly ep though, so who knows.
The firefly commentaries are brilliant, joss's ‘objects in space’ one is so in depth its beyond amazing. His ‘spin the bottle’ one with Alexis on the season four was both charming and insightful as well as at points laugh out loud funny. I really loved his ‘restless’ commentary…I’m such an utter fan boy when it comes to DVD commentaries, Oh but by far my favourite is ‘serenity’ his commentary for that with Nathan they just seem to be one very like minded person in two totally in no way similar bodies it was funny, especially his little quip about Inara being a junkie. His chosen commentary was nice and as the entire series came full circle his commentary seemed to mirror that. Basically if its not coming across I LOVE JOSS WHEDON! I could listen to him read the phone book all day…Jane Espenson also does really good commentaries.
My favourite one on the Angel DVDs is Joss Whedon and Alexis Denisof commenting on "Spin the bottle". They're just so funny together.
I think that my favorites are Joss on 'Restless' and 'Objects In Space', but if anything was going to make the best list it should have been Joss, Marti and Seth commenting on 'Wild At Heart'. Funniest. Commentary. Ever.

As for the rest of this list, I'm really glad they included Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Boogie Nights' and 'Hard Eight'. As well as the new version of 'Solaris'. Those are some of the best film commentaries I've heard.
For my money, what makes a good commentary is pretty simple: smart, funny people talking intelligently and passionately about work they enjoyed. (It's a large part of what sold me on Farscape, for instance, which I've only ever seen on DVD.)

Whedon and company almost never let me down in this respect. Their commentaries are fun, informative, interesting, and aren't just "I like this line" or "This shot coming up is way cool". (There's some of that, obviously, but much, much more.)

For fans of more bad commentary tracks, however, you might want to check out the Onion's semi-weekly Commentary Tracks of the Damned. (Earlier track reviews here.)

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My favorite Buffy/Angel commentators are Joss Whedon, then Doug Petrie, then Jane Espenson and Marti Noxon, then the rest. I actually like the Bargaining commentary with Noxon and Fury.

My favorite commentaries are Wild at Heart with Whedon, Noxon, and Seth Green, all of Joss' commentary, Bad Girls and The Initiative with Petrie, and Angel's Lullaby with Tim Minear and Mere Smith. Oh, and I like Joss' Waiting in the Wings commentary too.

I haven't heard the Angel season 4 commentary yet but I'm glad that the Spin the Bottle commentary is good. I can't wait to listen to Alexis Denisof (the love of my life) although it's daunting to hear him speak without the accent. His R's sound funny.

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Just had to put a plug in for the commentary track of Cannibal: The Musical. Transforms an absolutely unwatchable student film into must-see entertainment. Preferably while imbibing large quantities of alcohol. :-)

Reading this thread just reminds me how many commentaries on my Whedon DVD's remain unwatched. Oops. Must remedy that soonest.
I always love Joss's commentaries, right up to 'Lessons' with director Davis Solomon. Worst. Commentary. Ever.
Does anyone know where you can find a transcript of the 'Wild at Heart' or 'Spin the Bottle' commentaries?

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