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July 09 2002

(SPOILER) AICN reader spills S7x01 storyline. And we're on a roll. The first wave of significant spoilers, including the title of the Whedon penned episode and new cast members, has hit our shores, first spotted at AICN (In the Talkback section) and independently confirmed by Spoilerslayer.

And it seems, *gulp*, it's all about Dawn. Which is definitely something I'll need to wash down with a big glass of alcoholic beverage.

The question is... how do Giles and Willow fit into all of this? AngelX at the C&S says not to worry, these spoilers are only a fraction of the full story.

Meanwhile, at TWOP where the Dawn bitterness is overflowing, mysterious industry insider and champion of all things Dawn 'Machiavelli' says there's been no talk of a DtVS spin off at all.

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