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November 07 2002

No link, sorry. Australian Woman's Day says SMG wants to have a baby.

The November 11 issue has a 2 page feature on SMG which ssays that SMG and Freddie want to start a family as soon as possible, and this is the main reason why she's not sure about doing season 8. Apparently the schedule is punishing, movies allow more family time and are what SMG wants to do, and the stunts take a terrible toll on the body...

This is a real trashy mag - not just celebrity goss and diet tips but psychics and feng shui advice too - so I wouldn't trust them too much. And you've got to love that pretty much the whole story is made up of anonymous quotes from "a friend" and "a pal" of SMG.

Here is a rather icky sample from the anonymous pal: "Really, she'd rather somebody said she was a great mother than a great vampire slayer. But Sarah will no doubt achieve all her goals. She's got the great new hubby, next comes a baby, then another hit movie. What more could any woman want?"

Cajela, please read the rules. Links are essential, link-less posts are not allowed.
Hey, last time someone posted a piece about a media article where there was no link because the text wasn't online, no-one complained.

What gives? It's not a random discussion point, it's an actual media sighting, which seemed to be the point last time.
I suspect it isn't good to have a syndicated RSS feed with link elements of items just pointing to the front page. Also, this could have been a comment in another story on season 8 uncertainties and it is hard to have a discussion without a source. What you could do is scan the article and then post it somewhere, and then edit this story and put a link in.
cajela, "what gives"? It's in the rules, it's the first one in the list. Posts must contain links. If another post didn't contain a link it means we missed it. We are, after all, human.
Fair enough - good suggestions about the scanning.

I'm pretty new here, so when someone did the same as me and justified it when I asked "where's the link?", I just assumed this was one of the unwritten rules :)

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