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June 11 2004

Amy Acker: Life after Cancellation. An interview in an interesting feature about how actors cope after their shows end. The last paragraph reveals that Amy has landed a role in a feature film "The Novice" and has completed a short.

The bufy/angel verse could sure do with some new show/movies, how long will the cancelation stalk our minds, gonna be tough to rub off, joss needs to get something out after Senerity, it's like were addicted to his shows as drugs, and there's no more drugs left, well there are, dvd viewing, but it's a different type of drug, different side effects:D
Amy Acker is an amazing actor and I hope she gets some good roles after Angel. She deserves a place where she can showcase her talents like she did in the last season of Angel. I fear though that she might never play a character as interesting as Illyria.

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It can't do her career prospects any harm that she got the chance to play two completly different characters in the show.
If there was any justice she would get a Emmy nomination for 'Best Supporting Actress'.
That article was like a little knife to my heart. I feel so bad for the crew and the actors who are now out of work, and it'd be a terrible shame if people that talented couldn't find work elsewhere. And even if they do find work, what are the chances they'll ever land a role as diverse as what you find on a Joss show? I could just picture Amy & Joss downing the alcohol and bitching out Jordan Levin. That's what I did when I heard the news too.
I love the idea of Amy and Joss getting drunk and bitching about Levin. Joss would be a great guy to drink with.
Joss would be a great guy to do ANYTHING with.
How much do we all love Amy Acker? She's just the weeetest.
I know, I would venture to say she's even sweeter than Alyson!
Bite thy tongue.
Amy and Aly have equal points in the sweetness category, I'd say.
"People who are excited to move on," she says, "probably don't have Joss Whedon as their boss."

For all the admiration we posters show for Joss, it seems to me that the loyalty he shows to his writing and production staff, the actors, and crew -- the treatment that inspires AA's comment about Joss the boss -- is perhaps one of his supreme achievements. One could die very happy having people make such comments about oneself.
"People (actors) who are excited to move on probably don't have Joss Whedon as their boss."

Palehorse, I just got to this site and there you are, with my favourite quote :-) Says a lot all right. How many people can say that in everyday life? Not many, I wager.

Simon, aye, aye, she deserves it and it will probably be left to us fans to bestow an honorary Emmy on her.

Good grief. I just thought of a wicked project. Have someone make up an Emmy (designed differently enough not to breach trademark/copyright) and present it to her at a con. This would have to happen *after* the next Emmys, during which she's (sadly and likely) not to be honoured. In fact, it might be best if the entire cast were honoured, although I can't see anyone feeling left out if only she gets a Fan Emmy. It's the kind of stunt that might attract Hollyywood press (and embarrass the Emmy membership). Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near H'wood or even in U.S. but, go ahead, someone and take my idea.
Drifter, what a great idea - an award should be made up and given to her, unfortunately I don't live in the U.S. either, but someone should run with the idea.

I don't think I even thought Amy was acting until she was Illyria. Then the contrast!! I started to 'feel' (in a girly platonic way) for Illyria, which is something I couldn't do with Fred. To have something so good, for such a short time.....'I feel the need to do more voilence'.
I'm torn. I love reading about the actors post-AtS, yet at the same time it makes me really sad and angry about the cancellation all over again. When am I ever going to get over this feeling of rage at the WB for taking away something so rare and wonderful? Just seeing JL's name makes my guts go all churny inside.

The idea of a Fan Emmy is a great idea, Drifter -- not just for Angel, but for any shows (particularly genre-related), casts or crews that tend to be consistently overlooked by the 'official' awards committees every year.

It's criminal that AtS has never even once been nominated for an Emmy in any category, and unbelievable that AA hasn't received more recognition for her turn as Fred/Illyria. She was one of the great S5 highlights for me, and it's a real shame she won't get to showcase even more of her talent in a S6 arc. I'm just sick about it. But an award of some kind from fans would at least let her know that someone noticed and appreciated how much ass she was kicking up to the minute the screen went black.
Ah, Amy is just adorable. And so not afraid to show she's hurt and sad that the show ended. Man doesn't your heart just break when you imagine her at home, crying for two hours after Alexis' last day? I have a feeling that the tears she sheds in Wesley's death scene were easily called forth if you know what I mean.

And yeah, lines like that about Joss as a boss are among the biggest compliments you can get I think. I'd be tickled pink if I was Joss and heard Amy said something like that about me.

And raise your hand if you wish you coulda been there when she and Joss had a drink and a chat at her place.
Haven't been able to say this yet (new memberships have been locked) but I wanted to add my voice to those lauding Amy's performance. I often thought that Fred was just Amy, until they gave us Illyria.
"He told me last October he was going to kill Fred. And then he told me I was still going to be on the show. I thought that was the end of me."

I wonder if it was it always the plan for Wesley to…not survive?
Joss kills almost every single character he loves. And brings them back, of course. He certainly loves Wesley, and he thinks the world of AD's acting abilities. I'm sure he's wanted to see a great Wes death from day one. ;) I would guess that it was always his plan for Wesley to die at the end of the season, but I'm sure that it wouldn't have been the last we would see of him if the show had been renewed.

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