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June 12 2004

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Props to Benefit AIDS Patients at Grand Opening of Los Angeles Area 'Out of the Closet' Superstore. "Donated Props & Set Pieces from Cult TV Show to Be Sold at Grand Opening Sat. June 12th"

Oookaayy thank you for that Blwessels! We live 4 miles from that store!! When we read this article we went out there and now we're the proud owners of Spike's foot locker from his crypt, a painting from Giles' apartment, glasses and a paper towel holder from Buffy and Joyce's kitchen, and a chair from the High School library!

We are nerds! And we are as giddy as little kids!

If anyone else is nearby it's all fairly affordable and for a good cause as the article says. There's still plenty of stuff left. A chair form Willow's room, more kitchen stuff (including Buffy's blender), Joyce's sewing box, Buffy's ice skates, Dawn's footlocker, furniture from the Bronze and the school, a big ole casket, etc. etc. We wanted to buy it all but we had to draw a line somewhere, hehehehe. Very cool.
Glad to hear that you guys went and found such great stuff. Even more amazed that it was affordable. I'm kind of glad I don't live near it because I'm broke and I know I wouldn't be able to resist buying some of the stuff!
Just wanted to say thanks as well, blwessels, for posting about this info. Unfortunately I didn't see this news until late Saturday, and from talking with one of the employees there when my friends and I showed up on Sunday morning, there had been a *line* on Saturday morning of Buffy fans outside who were wanting to see what kind of merchandise was inside. Wow, how did they find out about this?!

Anyways, my friends and I went on Sunday morning to see what was left, and I was pleasantly surprised to find several mugs that were used at the Bronze/coffee shop (picked up eight @ $5.00 apiece, and sold two of them to friends of mine for face value) as well as Buffy's skates, which I was shocked to find were still there (and at just $25.00 to boot, um, no pun intended). My friends picked up a few other things, including a table used at the Bronze that was $100.00 (which still lit up when plugged in), a UC Sunnydale dorm room desk, and some of Dawn's jewelery ($5.00 apiece).

FWIW, the coffin was still there, at $500.00. Heh.

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Oddjob, hubby and I went back on Sunday(he wanted to see if Willow's chair was still there, but alas it wasn't) and like you said, there was still lots of stuff there. I thought those Bronze tables were cool, but we don't have room for one. Maybe your friends got the one that Buffy dissed Spike at when he got all dressed up in Crush! And you got the mugs, dammit! I was going to get them when we went back on Sunday, but only the saucers were left! We did end up buying some ugly sunflower glasses because when we were watching some old Buffy's on Sat. night, my hubby saw Faith holding one, so we had to go get them! One is actually dirty and I'm not sure he'll let me wash it in case ED drank from it! ;) Did you get the skates? They were gone when we went around 11:30am. And I think that coffin will be there for a while! Well, it was cool. So far hubby has found each object we own in an episode, except for our library chair. But the hunt continues for that one! And what with ED having touched our glasses and SMG touching our paper towel holder, we're still pretty giddy. :)
Yep, giddy us! So you got the ice skates Oddjob? Cool. Are they the ones from S2? Yeah I wondered too about the cheap prices of a lot of that stuff. I think on Ebay you could get a lot more but I'm glad they didn't think so!

And I came across the scene in S3 when Faith shows up for the first time and has dinner with Buffy and Joyce and sure enough, there were the flower glasses I had seen in the store. Faith hands one to Joyce and she goes to get her some soda in it with Buffy following. So yeah we went back and got'em, hehe.

And I may let me wife clean them, but.....well, Joyce pours Cola in Faith's glass and damn if that one glass doesn't look like it has Cola residu in it.....just saying it's POSSIBLE the glass was just put up in the set's cupboard at the end of the day, unwashed and never used again........

*shudders* Coke residue. I have a diet coke can than Clinton drank out of it. Had to clean it out, the residue was filthy. But very pleased about your buys :). My fiancee and I have a bottle from the first magic bottle but we would love more items.
My friends and I got there a little after 10:00 AM on Sunday morning.

But yeah, I was absolutely *shocked* that the skates were still there! I phoned a friend while there and described to him what the skates looked like. He had his season two DVDs on him, and from the description he gave me over the phone from watching the episode (it had Kendra in it, can't remember which one off-hand, sorry), it sounded like they were the exact pair that SMG was wearing! I took a photo of the right skate with my phonecam and e-mailed it to him but he said he never got it. Oh well. I had thought about keeping them but I sold them to said friend for face value (after all, he introduced me to Buffy in the first place) . He'd better keep them, otherwise if he turns around and sells them on eBay for a hefty price, I'll be pissed. :)

As for me, I'm content with the large coffee house mugs, because they were really cheap at $5.00 apiece, and hey, they appear to be brand new and unused. FWIW, they were located in the glass case that's over by the cash registers, so I wonder if a lot of customers who went on Saturday missed them, as well as Dawn's jewelry, a set of Dawn's coat holders(?), and Dawn's puzzle set?

There was also a bulletin board from Willie the Snitch's bar that was selling for $15.00 but it was gone by the time we showed up on Sunday. Apparently, from talking to a friend who went late Saturday, it had a menu and some clippings on it that were really amusing.
BTW, later in the day, my friends and I checked out the Young Playwrights Festival in Hollywood, and Tom Lenk and Richard Riehle (who played Buffy's first Watcher in the second season two-parter "Becoming") were in "A Bear in the Woods."

And the teenager (mentored by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain) who wrote the musical "Anyone But Me?" He's 15! It was also directed by Mary-Pat Green, who played the evil lunchlady (she's the one whom Xander catches pouring Rat Poison in a large pot) in (what I'm told is the episode) "Earshot."

Anyways, I definitely recommend checking out the next two weeks' worth of plays if you're in the Los Angeles area.
"*shudders* Coke residue. I have a diet coke can than Clinton drank out of it. Had to clean it out, the residue was filthy"

Uh, just so I don't give a wrong impression, it's not like I'm licking the glass out or anything, hehe. For all I know, last to use it was some sound guy who looks like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. Just saying....the thought that it's still the cola from that scene is nice. But I'll let my wife clean them. ALthough I did mark that glass with a marker on the bottom, hehe.

And Oddjob, funny story about taking a picture of the skate on the spot! Well we were all lucky we lived nearby. Ah, if we were rich we'd ahve bought it all, including the casket, and just decorate one room of the house with it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to put up Giles' painting, haha.
Heh, just checked my voice mail, and heard from one of my friends because she and her sister wound up buying a desk that was Buffy's from "Inca Mummy Girl."

She's so excited she's almost crapping her pants!

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