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June 13 2004

New Main Character for Buffy Animated? Slayerverse claims to have details of a new main character, who isn't exactly new, but hasn't been seen for a while and it is...........go see the article.


This makes me suspect that the Animated Series will be set during season 2 of BtVS - before Angel becomes Angelus. This would have the added bonus of being able to bring Spike and Dru in for guest villain slots.

And here's hoping that Armin Shimmerman is on board...
Out of sheer interest, how do they know he is back? Are they guessing? Cause there's no evidence apart from that Synder cartoon pic thats probably a couple of years old.
I guess the whole thing is wishful thinking at the moment; after all I've seen no official announcement from ME or anyone else...
Snyder was always supposed to be a character in this toon. Its not new. And the storyline takes place near the end of season 1. Snyder is already principal and everyone knows Angel is a vampire. No Spike and Dru though, or Oz or Faith.

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When i read the subject line it gave me the impression that we were talking about a whole new,or at least rarely seen, character for the show. For example Michael the warlock guy from Gingerbread making an earlier appearance or an increased role for Larry maybe.

Snyder's role in the series has been established for as long as i've known of the plans for the show. Not exactly news.
How is he a "new" main character, he was one of the character designs that was released about a year ago. Snyder was in some of season one, though setting it in season 2 have the added benefit of Spike and Dru, might mess with continuity a bit, how many stories would they be able to do before being forced to turn Angel into Angelus.
I'm pretty sure that "Faith" or "Illyria" as she is now known, owns this website. You could ask her where she got it from she might be the person most likely to know

Ghost Spike and Immortality Bites: I meant New as in "Semi -Confirmed" Slayerverse wrote it in what I would class as confirmed-cpeak. So I just thought I would post it like that. I know its not official

Does anyone think that Jenny Calender or Harmony could make appearences?

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Well, depending on when it would be set then both are possible - as is Jonathan, Larry, Oz...

Actually, Oz would be great...
Come to think of it, how much better would it be if the show were set around the tail end of season 3? That way the Mayor could be a recurring big bad, Faith could be in the picture (as his enforcer) and Oz could be a regular scooby. Of course, there would have to be a way to skip over the backstory (especially with Faith), but if anyone can Joss can...
Even though Oz may not be a main character (not until they move the story forward into Season 2 or 3 at least. They could take the same approach the comic books did in this respect, moving it forward once it felt like a season was tapped), it'd be cool to see an animated version of him in the Sunnydale High halls. Same for Larry, Jonathan, Tucker, Andrew, Warren (did they ever confirm that Warren went to SH?), Amy, and I'd especially be thrilled to see an animated Jonathan Woodward as Holden. Little appearances, they don't have to make a big deal out of it. A classmate shouting out to one of them in the halls as Buffy and company pass by, Oz barely seen through the doors to a music class, etc.
I would love to see cameos from characters that went to Sunnydale that the scoobies never particularly paid attention to. Warren though, I'm pretty sure he only attended for half a year before he went to tech school. Jonathan I think would have to be included, as he's always been the "Gunther" and has been present in the show in every season. Amy I think would give them the oppurtunity for witchy plots where Willow would be lacking in the early years. And really... I'd just love to see Andrew's flying monkey attack on the school play.
Jenny Calendar. You know, Janna of the Sunnydale Kalderashes? That's who'd I'd like to see, as a drawing even. I've got a soft spot (sic) for the technopagan.
number- unfortunately, Jonathan didnt show up til season 2. but Id love 2 see him regardless
Danny Strong was in the unaired pilot. He didn't have an actual name yet and he only had one line, but I think if they wanted to, it would be easy to stick Jonathan in a season 1 situation.
Danny Strong originaly auditioned for the role of Xander, like many of the actors in Buffy they liked him well enough they kept him as a semi-regular throughout the series.
They so don't need any of the original talents for this. In fact there'd be a higher chance of the series being put on tv if they got new talent, because each ep would be cheaper to sell. The original talents are going to cost more, which will make the series potentially cost prohibitive. All new voice talent would interest networks with the price, and if the focus was made on the writing and artwork, most people wouldn't notice a difference, except for the most diehard fans.

Personally I think for ideal enjoyment, I'd want Giles, Willow, Xander and Spike to be done by the original voice-overs, but everyone else including Snyder, Buffy, Dawn, and Angel could be done by new people. Shimmerman's voice is distinctive. If they could get him cheap it'd be nice, but it's not necessary.

All that said, this talk about the animated series is hopeful but there's still not enough for me to be convinced. I'll believe it when I see it on the air. Joss should produce a full season worth of animated eps. However, he should do it however he and the creative talents of M.E. want it to be, catering to whatever audience they care to entertain. Then put it straight to DVD. I think they've established that there's a market - any disc with Whedon's name stamped on it will be purchased.
Maybe the show will progress onto later seasons

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