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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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June 13 2004

Adam takes one of our own on tour of set (UPDATE). OB regular TheDuke, an extra on Serenity, got a personal tour of Serenity set with Adam and lays out what happened at remote location. Very mild spoilers. Direct link to post on OB.

Update reasons: Duke was going to wait until Monday to submit full report but he couldn't wait and bowed out of special family dinner to write his wonderful story. Just amazing.

Man oh man, so gorramn lucky. The cast and Joss!!! Hope the pictures are posted soon.
Awesome. Can't wait to see the pics.
Where's the Exclamation Point Abuse Society when you need them? Hehe....but still, very cool report and I am ridiculously jealous.
With you MindPieces...I cannot read that stuff...
I am seriously jealous. I can't wait to see the pictures.
Is anyone else having trouble with this link? I can't seem to get to the page with the article.
I think you may have to register to view this post.
Hmm... you should be able to enter as a guest into the OB. But anyway, the pics are up at fff! They're the images uploaded by TheDuke333 in the Blue Sun Room. Here's a link to the first one.
Add me to the ranks of the jealous! Great report and what a nice guy Adam is.
Anyone get thru all 400 something replies to find the link to the pictures? Can't wait to see them. Whenever life gets me down, I think, they're shooting Serenity RIGHT NOW!!!

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