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June 15 2004

Listen Up, Buffy fans. TV Guide Online says there is some "major" BtVS scoopage in the new issue of TV Guide magazine. (Update) It's about the animated series. Potential distributors will get a look at the pilot next month.

I'll be very disappointed if it's something along the lines of the season 7 DVD is being released a week early. Though the mention of a certain dark haired hottie could mean a Faith spinoff. Heck it's fun to speculate.

My guess is it's about the potential for an animated series, only cause they tend to be a little late on their scoopage and are always behind in reporting the latest news.
I kinda thought the "dark-haired hottie" was referring to Amy Acker, especially since "Tru Calling" has been renewed for another season.
Well I've been informed there may be another hint in tomorrow's TV Guide Online entertainment news.
Okay, i refuse to let myself speculate on this until i hear something definate. There are way too many possibilities to go with, as has been proven by the mentions of Faith, Amy Acker and the animated series so far in this thread already.

Given the fact i assumed dark haired hottie referred to Angel rather than any of those options (wow, what does that say about my repressed sexuality? lol) it just goes to show that we Buffy/Angel fans are too good at jumping to conclusions.

I will say that regardless of if the picture in question turns out to be of Angel that doesn't necessarily mean that the news is specifically about him. Either way i'm pitching my tent firmly in the wait and see camp until we have the full facts.
I have a hunch it's about the animated series, and the "dark-haired hottie" is probably the voice of Buffy (I seem to have forgotten her name, sorry...)...
Geez, could they vague that up for me? When I heard "dark-haired hottie" it made me think of David Boreanaz. I guess there's a lot of dark-haired hotties in the Buffyverse.

My guess is something to do with the animated series.
Ooh, yeah. It could be that Voice o' Buffy chick of the animated series. I hadn't thought of that. Hmm.

But my first thought was of James Marsters. Now that he's shaved the blonde hair off and his brown hair has grown back in, he qualifies (to most of us, anyway) as a "dark-haired hottie." And that hair reference could be TV Guide's attempt to throw us off.
The headline says 'Listen up BUFFY fans', not listen up ANGEL fans, so I doubt it has anything to do with DB. I don't think it refers to the 'voice o' buffy', because most people who pick up a TV Guide would not understand that hint. So I'm confused.

Maybe they are referring to Giles? Is that possible?
[rabid speculation]
The Adventures of Dark Willow!?
Woo hoo!
[end rabid speculation]

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That it's a pic of Giselle Loren (BtAS Buffy voice) strikes me as the most obvious guess, definitely, but major scoopage? They better have something scoopier to show than that.
I have the new TV Guide, although I don't have it with me now, but the news is a small blurb on the cartoon. They have a picture (not sure about the dark hair thing). To paraphrase, it says that they will be shopping the cartoon around in the next couple of weeks.
Drat. I was hoping for something new.

Strange way to get people's attention since as dark haired hotties go, I doubt people even know Giselle. "Here she is: It''s...some girl!"

I thought of Eliza myself. And Tru only got half a second season so far, right? AH so it's just about the animation. Which is nice and fun, but won't really satiate my Buffyverse hunger. Cartoon versions of movies/comics/etc. always have that 'alternate universe that's not quite the stuff YOU know' feeling to them.
"Listen up". It's a pun. Entertainment writers live and die by their puns.
Thanks for that chicklet, much appreciated. And also thanks to Saul who emailed me the article as well.

Most of it we know already (potential distributors getting a look see next month) but here's an new quote:

"In the meantime, story-line possibilities are endless. Says Whedon's rep: "Buffy can now shrink to the size of an ant, and it doesn't matter.".

Oh and the dark hottie appears to be Micheal Ausiello.
Yeah the whole "Listen Up" thing kinda gives it away that it was going to be about the animated series.
Listen I missing something? This is a pun on the animated series how exactly?
Actually Simon, the idea of having Buffy shrink was bandied about in earlier interviews about Buffy Animated before it was first put on hold. Joss talked about how they wanted to do it back in Season 1, make a metaphor out of how small you feel sometimes in highschool (something like that, I can't remember exactly), but budget constraints (and, I imagine, how ridiculous it often looks when you do it with live action, especially on a TV show's budget) prevented them from using the story. Seeing as it's popped up again, I'm guessing this will definitely be a plot in one of the episodes.

Who's Micheal Ausiello?
We can't get the US version of TV Guide in Canada.
I think Jane Espenson actually wrote an episode for the animated series in which Buffy gets shrunk, I think it's called "Teeny".

Good that the show seems to be moving along.
Listen Up - refering to the voice over work the actors will be doing - it will not be flesh but voice with animated cell on screen - therefor "Listen" to Buffy actors.
Probabley best not to get carried away with a title page brief summary, I think everyone and everyone is aware Buffy/Angel fans are hungary for news.
So the dark haired hottie is the columnist hisself? Blech!

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