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June 16 2004

Bid on a lock of James Marster's hair. As organised by the Angel's Food Drive people to help raise money for The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

I would still prefer the sofa though. But that was last year.

Well.....once more with feeling, for that kinda money, that hair better be attached to James!!

I suppose I could always snip a bit of hubby's blond(though not bleached)hair and put it in a baggie and pretend...
Well, I agree, way too much for me to even consider, BUT at least the money's going to a charity.
Not to hurt myself patting all our backs, but Angel fans are awesome. I love how many of the "Save our Show" campaigns for Angel also raised money for charity. Goes to show that Angel's message about trying to make a difference didn't go unnoticed by us and that Joss has, as a result, made a positive impact on this world.

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