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June 16 2004

Angel CD soundtrack greenlighted! Composer Robert Kral gives official confirmation to City of Angel.

Pardon my ignorance, but what song is the "Hero" song?
I think that's Doyle's theme for when he died. I think. If I'm right, it's been played in various episodes.
They realy are missing the boat if they don't include the singing at Caritas...a medley would be great...Angel doing Mandy, Fred doing Crazy, Gio (or whatever his name was) doing Wind Beneath my Wings (is that right), the Nerdboy who nearly stopped time doing All by Myself, Darla's Ill Wind...damn, it would be hilarious!

Or am I all by *my*self on this?
Speaking of musical news, now that Marsters has dissolved Ghost of the Robot, it appears that Mad Brilliant has gone out of print immediately thereafter.

I am way-stoked about the score. Here's hoping that would eventually interest TPTB in a "songs" CD later on.
While a songs CD would be nice, I'm much more excited about getting as much score as possible. Whedonverse scores have been woefully underreleased so far. Now where's that 5 CD Christophe Beck/Buffy collection? ;)

And in all seriousness, where's the Firefly score they said they were gonna release? :-/
There are very few CDs I eagerly anticipate, this is one of them, I've wanted an Angel score CD for ages. Hope it comes out soon.

They said they might have to go through "other channels"(or something like that) to release the Firefly soundtrack. I'm hoping maybe they'll have a second CD with the inevitable Serenity soundtrack with some stuff from the TV series on it.

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