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June 17 2004

Jeph Loeb Spills News About Buffy The Animated Series... Interview with Jeph Loeb (Supervising producer on Smallville and writer of DC's Superman/Batman) about the Buffy Cartoon.

Loeb is a Joss fan. He also wrote the foreword in "Fray".

Loeb: "Like all great Buffy stories, this has to do with resurrection. We needed someone to pull the stake out of our show so we could live again. Fox Television did that and we're very grateful. As to when it appear and where, we're keeping that under wraps right now!"

Damn you Fox... just when I started to hate you, you had to go on and make me happy again. i wonder if Charisma was approached to do the cartoon. Mercedes? Danny Strong? I wonder if The Master will still be used as the Big Bad for the entire series. Jeez, I have so many questions... i can't wait.
I'd love to see the Master as the recurring Big Bad...although in the interests of good TV I'll offer up the Buffy Big Bad I've always wanted to about a vampire duo that consists of a former slayer & her Watcher?.....I mean a slayer/vampire would be really kick ass.....right?...unless of course fan fiction has done something like this already...anyway...more Buffy & company in any form is good news...bring it on!
so, is Jeph implying that the series is a go?... 'we're keeping it under wraps' makes it sounds like they know, they're just waiting for the final contracts and suchlike to be signed
Well if we go with what Whedon's rep told TV Guide, interested parties haven't even seen the pilot yet.
That is truly amazing that the original creative team has been reassembled, especially when you consider the logistical nightmare of all these people with all their other job commitments juggling their affairs so they can get back together on this two-year old project. I guess it's a real tribute to Joss and Co. that they inspire such a fervent desire in other creative folks to work with them.

Without Angel to succor my TV malaise this fall, it's good to think that the B/A-verse will be carrying on in some form, even if it's only in painted 2-D and likely to run earlier on Saturday mornings than I usually find myself getting up. But that's the way it goes. Sacrifices in the form of extremely late Friday nights will have to be made. And TV in bed on the weekend isn't so bad. ;)

I'm really hoping DB will concede to the show's legacy and lend his talents. His puppet!Angel readings were so wonderfully adept, and his voice is so distinctive and part of the character (at least for me) that I'm having a really hard time imagining anyone else filling Angel's, um ... shoes? Vocal cords?

Also and non-topically, was anyone else startled by the, um, mammary protuberance-oriented ad running below this article? Or am I the only one 'lucky' enough to have seen it? Ouch. And ewww.
ahaha, i didn't even notice that ad till you pointed that out Wiseblood... i now kinda wish i hadn't
I do hope that Buffy doesn't end up looking like a stripper with a stake, like she does in that particular drawing. And the more of the original cast that returns the better. I'm especially interested to see how this will all fit in with the Buffy continuity, and whether there will be subtle shout-outs to things that only long time fans would know about.
Concur with MindPieces: I am fiercely pro-buttcrack, in most cases, but Buffy should not be drawn "like a stripper with a stake". Work the fashion, ok. Work the anatomy, not so good. I love the Joyce pic, and Dawn looks like she'll scream, "Get out!" until ears bleed. This could be fun, even if I have to miss "íMUCHA LUCHA!" or whatever.

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