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November 08 2002

Six reasons why Buffy characters shouldn't go to Angel. An editorial at Zentertainment from their Angel reviewer.

She's got a lot of good points here. And yes, we all hope for the characters not to fall into limbo after the imminent demise of BtVS, but sometimes it is best just to let sleeping dogs lie.

I follow a simple rule, when in doubt, Trust In Joss. He always knows what he's doing, and it always works out. Even his bad moments (season 4 of Buffy) are better than anything else on TV.
I think most everyone's got a worst season and best season (except perhaps me - I honestly can't decide on a worst or best) which is again a testament to Whedon and ME.

I haven't been with Angel from the beginning, but I must concur with the editorial. IF Whedon keeps things going in Sunnydale, it should be a separate show, and kept on the UPN. Make Willow, Xander, Dawn & Spike the central characters. Name it something different. Drop "Buffy" and "Vampire" and just call it "The Slayers." If you build it they will come.

Don't kill Buffy. She's already been dead twice. That'd just be repetitive. Say she and Giles take off together to parts unknown, and they leave Sunnydale. Maybe Buffy comes back for special guest engagements but it'd be better if they just let SMG go off and do her thing. Then a year later, on BBC America, have Giles come back, in a show made just for him. No Buffy. If asked, Giles just blows off the question, saying they had "a difference of opinion." He's very bitter about it.

No other old characters. Giles gets a new cast of characters who help him solve crimes and debunk ghost sightings. Call it RIPPER.
I was skeptical when I heard Cordelia, and later Wesley, were going to make the leap to Angel because I didn't think they could possibly make those characters work together. ME sure surprised me! Wesley in particular I like much better than ever, and now I can't imagine the show without him.

So even if they move Willie, Jonathon and the lunch lady from "Earshot" over to Angel after S7 ends, I'll trust in Joss that he knows what the heck he's doing.

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