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June 17 2004

Robia LaMorte (Jenny Calendar) puts up some rare Buffy promo posters on ebay. "This is a NEVER RELEASED season one poster that was created by the WB for BtVS. This picture of SMG and David was used on billboards, but the posters were never made available to the public!!"

"The poster is brand new (never been touched) and beautiful. Specify if you want it signed by actress Robia LaMorte who played "Jenny Calendar" in seasons one, two, and three. She will also personalize it for you or just leave it blank."

When she was on Buffy she saw these and ask what they were for and was told it was part of a BTVS promo but the marketing department changed their mind on putting out the poster and they were going to toss them. Robia ask if she could have them and then got permission to take them. So these are rare posters that had only been printed for billboard use. She had 2 in Cleveland and they are fine quaily work and the photo on ebay does not do it jutice. For any Bangel fan this item would be a must have and she only had maybe 10. The 2 in Cleveland sold at auction for $300.00 each she stopped the bidding went over $300 but she stopped it and told each bidder they could have them for $300 each if they wanted them.

Never been touched? How do you manage that??? Does the money go to her or charity? Just curious.
Heh, interesting. Especially the accompanying picture. "Look! it's really me!" And what if someone buys it and then says "Uh, yeah could you just leave it blank?" That's gotta smart a bit.

Well maybe her only taking on roles nowadays that she can reconcile with her apparently very strict religious beliefs makes it slim pickings for her. There's only one 7th Heaven....

Funny though how these days she says how she would not do certain stuff on Buffy that she did back then because she found religion, but still has no trouble making money off it at cons and with this stuff. Sorry if I sound snarky, I don't mean to. But her remarks that 'Amends' somehow 'glorified evil' were just ridiculous to me. Buffy has always been about fighting and overcoming evil, and christian beliefs should have no trouble with those elements.

Say, anyone remember David Boreanaz selling his car on Ebay? And said that the buyer would get to 'spend the day with him'? Except it was a big ass mercedes so no one was bidding as I recall. Anyone know if he ever managed to sell it there? Just wondering.
I would love to have that poster. I wish I could afford to bid on it.
RavenU, not trying to be difficult or anything, but it didn't say anywhere in the Ebay listing that this was being sold by Robia LaMorte. It just shows her in a picture standing next to the poster. There is an e-mail address that says but that doesn't mean it's her. Did you find this other information that you posted about her seeing these on the set of Buffy and asking about them? Having been ripped off by people on Ebay before I'm just a little wary of listings that don't have any proof to back them up. So if you have more information that could show someone that this is really being sold by or for Robia and that it really will be her signing it that would probably reassure someone who wanted to bid on this.

Ed, I don't think DBs car sold. Frankly, I like the guy but I thought it was weird that he'd sell his car on Ebay. As for Robia now saying she wouldn't do some of the stuff on Buffy now because of her religious beliefs, BtVS was probably tame compared to what she must've done as one of Prince's sidekicks!

I always thought certain Christian groups missed the whole point of Buffy and others totally got it. Unfortunately, the ones who didn't get it are the ones that made the most noise. And the fact that Robia was there, she should know better.
I assumed that RavenU knew the extra info from talking to her at a convention in Cleveland.
blwessels - Yes it is Robia selling the items. Robia said in Cleveland she was going to be placing some of the posters on ebay. And to let people know that yes that it really is her that is selling it. She is getting help from another fan who sells stuff on ebay and she is the one who posted it on another site, I told Robia I would get the word out as best I could as soon as Spring would post it.

Rouge - I believe part or all of this money is going to help a fellowship she is running to help people in spiritual crisis.

Ed - She now has very strong religous beliefs which is her right. She is still proud of the work she did on Buffy, and yes she was not happy with playing evil but that's just her point of view, in the fact that she was working with people through her ministry at the time whom may have taken her portraying evil in the wrong way - which effected her. I am not of the same belief structure as her but I do understand where she is coming from. She is actually looking for work on networks like PAX which are more inline with her beliefs.

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I don't know how many people know this, but LaMorte was one half of Diamond & Pearls (Prince's female dancers) for his '91 tour. You can see her in the hologram cover of Prince's album, also titled "Diamonds and Pearls". In addition, she starred in Prince's videos for Gett Off, Cream, and of course, Diamonds and Pearls.
Whoah. I saw Jenny Calendar live and never knew.

And is it true that Prince converted to Jehovah's Witnesses? I wonder if his music/lyrics/appearance are appropriate for those ...
Man but Robia LaMorte is still the best looking of all the Buffy women. Ahem. Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled forum.
I recently read Prince will no longer perform some of his songs, like Cream, due to his faith. That's a little weird for me hearing that from Prince. Of course, it's also a little weird for me to still totally have the hots for Robia, kind of like wanting your Sunday school teacher. You feel guilty, but it doesn't really change anything, which makes you feel more guilty. Vicious cycle.
hehe I so understand that. And I can't get those hot Prince video clips from my mind now. Well, I guess I'm in my bunk.
"Ed - She now has very strong religous beliefs which is her right."

Funny how I just can't recall saying anywhere that it wasn't....

"she was not happy with playing evil but that's just her point of view"

It reminds me as well of people complaining about Caleb in the end. I just don't get it. Yes he said 'shocking' things about the bible and such, but helloo, he was an evil insane killer! And presented as such. Saying evil insane things. And he was there to be beaten. And Jenny's turn as the First Evil is the same thing. It was there as a villain, to be overcome. There was no 'promoting evil' or anyhting.

So yes it's everyone's absolute right to believe what they want, and I couldn't care less what they believe. It's a personal thing anyway. But if I am to comment, then I say all I see is people just not getting it. What ME was doing, and why. And sorry, but to say it was 'glorifying evil' is just silly to me. Can't help that. It's according to my beliefs, which I am just as entitled to. She has an opinion on what Joss was doing, I have an opinion on what she says about it. That's all.

"And is it true that Prince converted to Jehovah's Witnesses? I wonder if his music/lyrics/appearance are appropriate for those ... "

Yes. He's even been reported to go by people's doors. And yeah some songs he won't sing anymore, which is interesting considering half his repertoire was about sex. And I still don't see what's wrong with sex either, but each their own as they say. Pity, cause those were his good songs, hehe.
Well, if this really was for charity, you'd think she'd specify. If she's selling these posters on ebay to make money that is really sad.

Note it also appears she's selling an autographed card.

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Rouge - I believe part or all of this money is going to help a fellowship she is running to help people in spiritual crisis.

Like Buffy fans?? ; )
Thanks for clearing that up RavenU, I'm sure people will feel more assured about bidding on it now if they want to.
affeking, so selling things on eBay to make a little cash makes you a sad person? Are you saying that the countless thousands of fine folks who sell on eBay are sad people? Or are you just saying this because she went through a period of moderate fame? In the end.. is it not YOU who is the “sad” person?

..... ..
Plus she’s super hot.. her very image gives me some major jollies. I like jollies.
Can we not have posters calling each other 'sad', thank you. And as someone pointed out else where, isn't that a season two promo poster?
:( Sorry, Simon. I was just defending m'Lady, is'all.
Yes, Simon, it is a season two promotional poster. Dunno why it's advertised as being season one.
Hey... just to interject a little, and, ahem, defend... m'lady (haha)... I dont think Robia has a problem with Buffy as a whole. I mean, that wouldnt make any sense for her to go to conventions and stuff if Buffy and 'Amends' was against her belief system. I saw her talk at Cleveland, and the impression that I clearly got was that she wasnt upset about the show 'glorifying evil,' but about her playing the role of it. She obviously viewed The First as the Satan character, and was uncomfortable playing that role. Also, she had gotten delivered the script late, after she had signed on for it, and said that if she would have known about her part, she wouldnt have agreed to do it. So it's not like, looking back now, she hates it. She didnt like it at the time.

So, it's not so much that she hated The First being a factor on the show, but rather that she hated being the person to portray it. Plus, she told us that she thought she really sucked at it, anyway.

Hope that clears things up, and wipes away all the snark. She was a great, good natured lady that wasnt bitter about Buffy at all... just trying to stay true to her religion in a room full of occultists, I'm sure.
Hey! I have one of those...and the one with zander and buffy signed by Joss, Nic, Allyson and Martie. I had no idea they were special to anyone but me!!

OMG! Robia is just beautiful in that picture. And it's fuzzy! I wish I was Giles in season 2. Except for the fact that he found her dead on his bed. Man that was depressing. I loved Jenny I wished she could've come back. I'll just have to hope that she'll appear in the animated series coming up. That's all one can ask for.
I have a clearer photo of the poster up in my photo album from the Cleveland convention (where Robia sold the two yep, adding another "it's really her and she said she'd be selling others via eBay" confirmation to RavenU's) if anyone wants a better look:

They really did look like beautiful posters, though not worth that sort of money to me personally.
jack night/PowerToThePeople/EdDantes:

Just to clarify, Prince *is* performing "Cream" in concert. Yes, the whole thing. I saw him play it in Raleigh and plan to see him two more times in D.C.. Out of the 3 shows on 3 different tours I've seen(including when he was cursing), this was the best show. I don't think Prince needs to be dirty to put on a killer show. The man's catalogue is extremely deep. Trust me, I've been a hardcore fan since '95 and I've heard everything he's done on CD.

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