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June 17 2004

Post-Angel Plans. Boreanaz goes all romcom (quotes from him about the movie at TV Guide Online).

News for Boreanaz fans; "The tall-coifed hunk will take the lead in a romantic comedy called Mr. Fixit, playing a handsome cat who gets paid to fool women into returning to their ex-boyfriends"... Sounds, uh, interesting.

that article is pretty harsh

i hope that one day, the right character will come along for david and he will jump at the oppurtunity - he has skill... his tour de force as Angelus during 'Awakening' to 'Orpheus' was awe-inspiring, especially in 'Soulless' and 'Calvary'... he can be good, really good... but he has to get the right role
Sky One are re-running Buffy season one at the moment, and I am reminded of how limited an actor he was back then. But he has come a long way and now I think he's a bloody good actor.

SFX when they did their 25 greatest Angel moments said his performance in "Forgiving" where he tries to smother Wesley with a pillow was his greatest moment.
I hope David really does take part in the London stage version of "When Harry Met Sally", seeing as I, er, live in London! It'll be interesting to see how he fares.
As long as he plays opposite a petite blond, I don't see how he can go wrong

....oh wait, I don't think he'll be saving there soul/beating em up in these.
Dunno why TV Guide are claiming they have the scoop on this but I've added the link to the subject link.
It sounds like it could be fun. But I was surprised it was a big screen movie and not a TV movie. All us Buffyverse people know who he is but is he well known enough to be the star of a big screen picture? Oh, I wholeheartedly agree that he's come a long way since season one of Buffy. If asked then if I thought he was a good actor I'd have to say no but at that time I hadn't seen him transform into Angelus and that scene with Wesley was done so well that it was shocking when he attempted to kill him (and not as Angelus either!).

I hope DB sings better than Angel!!
I'm surprised he didn't do an ABC Family movie ala Charisma, Nic, and Emma.
"I hope DB sings better than Angel!!"
He mentioned 'some dancing' too. There's your comedy right there. DB's acting and confidence on screen has improved dramatically (no pun intended). I hope it goes well for him and we get to see what else he can do. And I hope he gets to smile a lot.
Speaking of watching Buffy Season one again...I am too...and I am struck by how "sure of himself" Angel was approaching Buffy...all mysterious, ego, and sexy...what happened???...And I'm just talking about this one characteristic...he turned into a bumbling fool in front of women on Angel. I'm not speaking of his acting...I'm talking the character of Angel's self-esteem...with have to notice it don't you...???...Anyone care to comment?
Well, that whole "whoops, I went evil and almost killed the woman I loved and all of her friends" may have shaken his confidence with the ladies a bit.

As for this movie, it sounds kind of unexciting, but I do think that David's acting skills are often underrated. I've been rewatching Angel from the beginning and I just adore his work on there, especially when he gets to show off his funny side.

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