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June 18 2004

Wonderfalls episode 6 script now online. Bryan Fuller donates the previously unread script for 'Barrel Bear' to In other news, Herc plugs the forthcoming unaired Wonderfalls episodes event in L.A..

Like many other people, I have wondered what Wonderfalls would have been like had the director of X-Men been involved :p.

!LOL! Simon!

Jaye, finally a match for Logan in the snark department.
hmm... this has me confused... I saw what I thought to be episode six, "Lovesick Ass" and the ep guide I found on Wonderalls Online says "Barrel Bear" is actually ep 11, but since I've been avoiding script reading to save myself for the DVDs I have no way to check. Help?
Actually, I don't quite understand your question. However, why not join the forum at (part of the underground movement) and ask site runner Cranberry and Co. They know their sheeyit. chrz
Speaking of newly released episodes, Episode 5: Crime Dog, and Episode 8: Safety Canary, are now on the internet in the usual places. They're in Mpg form so they're 100 megs bigger than the other 2 unaired episodes.

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Barrel Bear is episode six, so it comes after Crime Dog and before Muffin Buffalo (according to Bryan Fuller, who I onbiously trust much more than TV Tome or wherever). FOX thought it was weak, so they moved it to the episode 12 position -- but it makes absolutely no sense there, trust me. Because of how the characters act towards each other in it and a couple of comments they make, it only makes sense early in the season. Plus the previouslies for Muffin Buffalo show a bit from Barrel Bear.

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