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June 18 2004

'Serenity' set pics. Mildly spoilerish and there's some more pics here as well.

It's always nice to see new pics of them working.
If I remember right they'll be shooting at the desert for another week or so, right?
I'm really excited for this movie... because Joss cannot go wrong. I never even saw an episode of Firefly, because I have no idea when and where it ever played, so I somehow missed the entire thing. I cant wait to see this and get hooked, because I'm finding it hard to dish out the money to buy DVDs of a show I've never seen.
Everytime I see set pics, or a bbs post by the cast or crew, I get this exhilirating feeling of vindication.

These guys are heroes.
numbereleven: I watched a couple of episodes when Firefly was on TV and didn't like it. Whedonequers talked me into buying the dvds. I put aside my distaste for the cowboys-in-space theme and watched it in the order that Joss had intended. It's very, very good. Try and find someone to borrow them from.
Or you could rent the DVDs from The first 2 weeks are free.
numbereleven, I never saw it on TV either. I have bought 7 copies of the set (one for home, one for the office, and 5 for family and friends.)

Try Amazon--you can get it for under 35 bucks there.

It is so much more than worth it!
if anybody is buying DVD's this weekend Deep Discount DVD is a running a 20% off sale. Code word is summersale.
numbereleven, let me just chime in to say that I never saw it on TV either, and I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But, I bit the bullet and bought the DVDs on sale for about $36, and it was one of the best $36 I ever spent! Loved the series, and cannot wait for Serenity.
I never caught Firefly on TV either, but I think it will be my next DVD purchase thanks to the opinions of “Whedonesquers”. I don’t know if it was the space western part or that I knew some of the cast from other projects that made me hesitate, but if it has the Joss Whedon sensibility…who could ask for anything more?
Even without having seen the series, I am so excited about the movie. Joss is makin’ a movie!
What really struck me is that even from the first episode the cast were completely comfortable in their roles. No first-few-episode-jitters. Try watching the first few episodes of Star Trek TNG.
Not that we're pummelling numbereleven with marketing furor, but I did see most of the episodes on tv. I went out of my way to arrange a business trip so I was in the hotel by 8:00 p.m. to see Ariel -- I was drymouth hypnotized by that ep. The stories continue to impress me on DVD. Watch. This. Show.
I've turned a bunch of my friends on to Firefly. One of them happens to be an Ast. Manager at a Suncoast video store. Every time he encounters someone buying a Buffy or Angel DVD set, he gives them the hard sell to buy Firefly too. He's 6'4", built like Adam Baldwin. Needless to say, his store sells a LOT of Firefly DVD's.

His name should be changed to Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Bob. And I experienced the same phenomenon as everyone else: didn't "get" the series on TV but LOVED it when I had the time to sit down with the entire set of DVDs.
I'm trying very hard not to blame you late adopters for Firefly's demise...

Well, hopefully, at least, if you end up blaming the folks who didn't catch it on TV for its early demise, you can credit them with securing the movie, with all the DVDs bought. ;)

I saw some Firefly on TV, but had trouble keeping up with Fox's scheduling shell game. DVDs saved the show for me. And, like others, I've been buying sets for friends, and converting everyone I know.
I am ashamed to say that a post of mine still holds the number one spot on google for Firefly cancellation.
A lot of people never even knew about the show. I remember bitching to my sister about it being cancelled and she hadn't even heard of it. When I explained the whole premise she knew it was something that she and her husband would've loved. She hasn't bought the DVD set yet but says she's going to. It's sold out at the Wal-mart she works at. I'd let her borrow mine but her kids aren't too careful with other people's things!

One of the things I've noticed from the comments is that shown out of order really threw a lot of people off to the greatness of this show and when seen in proper order just makes a huge difference. I wasn't impressed with the first episode but stuck with it and was so hooked after a couple that I was having panic attacks at the thought of the show being cancelled. And now after seeing everything in it's proper order it's even way better than I remembered.
My fiancee who is American got put off by the 'The Train Job' when it first aired in the States. When she moved here, and got a chance to watch the proper order on Sci-Fi UK she totally fell in love with it. If Fox had aired the 2 hour pilot first, it might have made a hell of a difference.
Oh, it definitely would've made a difference. If I hadn't been such a Whedon fan I don't know if I would've kept watching after the Train Job (which I really liked when seen in proper order). I remember being absolutely stunned when Fox finally showed the pilot episode. They had made all sorts of excuses as to why they didn't show it first, like not enough action, didn't introduce the characters well enough and other crap such as that. The pilot was brilliant and set everything up perfectly.

I think a lot of viewers watched that first episode and never tuned in again. Not Joss' fault, but the Train Job wasn't a good episode to introduce the series and the fact that they were forced to write it in such a short time to replace the fantastic pilot just seemed to me that Fox wanted to doom them from the start.
A *huge* difference...a friend I convinced to watch the DVDs (he was tremendously skeptical--he writes professionally about Hollywood, knows Joss's reputation, but was still skeptical) is now a total convert...he thinks the bungled rollout of Firefly is one of TV's major disasters: "This had the potential of being the greatest show in history, and Fox just totally screwed it up."

Amen to that.

And, redfern, you are so right about Start Trek TNG...I watched the first episode or so and stopped...all the shouting and yelling and inane "hells" and "damns" tossed around (presumably to show that this was an "adult" show), the stunningly clumsy character exposition, the fealty to the feel-good Roddenberry style...months later a girlfriend convinced me to watch...I was surprised by how much deeper and better it had gotten. Firefly, on the other hand, was brilliantly conceived and executed right out of the chute...even more so than Buffy and Angel, and that's saying something.

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