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June 18 2004

Buffy Animated Artwork at CafePress for Slay-a-thon, to benefit Make-a-Wish Foundation.

eeeep! wish I hadn't seen this. now must buy things.

There's a full cast full color that I hadn't seen before, fyi. (and if the Powers That Be think this would be better in the BtAS category, definitely fix it.)

I wanted to buy the coaster & the mousepad but both were out of stock. Maybe later.
There's a full cast full color that I hadn't seen before, fyi.

Actually, those are the original images all "Photoshoped" together.
I know it benefits a good cause, but it would still be reassuring if the Slay-a-thon people could explicitly state somewhere that these designs are being sold with Eric Wight's knowledge and permission. (Or maybe they did, and I just didn't see it.)
Those are nice. I might actually get myself a shirt. :)

As for the permission question, I don't think that Slay-A-Thon would be so bold to use those designs without permission from the artist especially since they're a charity group. The last thing they'd want is to have a bad name.
Agreed Silent Night, and Cafe Press has a long-standing rep for quality Buffy stuff.

You can go to to see some more. I myself own a Joss quote on a mousepad, a jersey, and a onesie for my baby girl. Their stuff is great, and ALL the $$ go to the charity or website they state.
Whoops, looks like I may have spoken too soon... I got this email yesterday:


I'd like to think the same thing about CafeShops, as I've spent a lot there, but I'm gonna have to voice the same concerns as Bovik.

I designed (using Wight's images in Photoshop, as another commenter noted) the Buffy Animated cast on grey design as wallpaper for my computer, and sent it to a few people, among them Whedonesque and, for fans'
usage. So...imagine my surprise, when clicking on today's Whedonesque link for Slay-a-thon, to see my own (admittedly purloined from Wight, but FOR PERSONAL USE) design being flogged. Simultaneous thrillage and um-what-the-fuck?age.

If in fact proceeds are going to MakeAWish, cool. But I'm doubtful. (Oh, and I'd post this on Whedonesque myself, but I'm not a member, and new membership is apparently on hold--I've been trying for some time.)"

Anna Granfors

And then this one...

"um...apparently took my wallpaper down (and the other group shot wallpaper that someone else did...I think it was on Slay-a-thon's messenger bag) concurrent with the appearance of the Slay-a-thon stuff, so don't look for 'em there.

I'm not accusing 'em of anything, but wondering if might be Slay-a-thon in drag. (on the other hand, since the wallpaper was posted on at 1024x768, it could be ANYONE.) at any rate, be forewarned."

Anna Granfors

So this person seems fairly sure that it might not really be on the up and up. That sucks because I've purchased many things from them and each time the operator assures me the money goes to Slayage or whatever charity it boasts. So now I really don't know what to think.
Yes, that is an indication that they may not be legit if some fans artwork is being used in one of the items they are selling. I would definitely think if they had Wights permission it would be all his work they are using.
If the site doesn't show that the articles are official or licensed from both the artist,20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy then you can probably bet they are bootleg, and I seriously doubt this money it going to charity as well.

It seems the internet has become the flea market of the 21st century,like in the past where flea markets would sell tons of bootleg items such as cd's and tapes etc, I have seen items I am pretty sure are bootleg on Ebay and on other internet sites, unless reported many won't be caught, because of the thousands of sites nobody has the manpower to go site by site checking for bootleg items, so usually the get away with it, I would suggest writing a email to the artist if he has a site to get one from or 20th Century Fox and ask them if it's legit before purchasing anything from them.
Little bit of info here. Cafepress isn't the site responsible for any of the actual images used, they're merely the means of transfer for ANY image someone chooses, onto one of the items they supply. People can create an account with Cafepress and, with that account, create their own shop with clothes and accessories bearing their artwork or other creative images... then gain some profit for what they sell, depending on how much they choose to mark things up.

So anyone can create an account, use any name they please, and just about any image they please as well. (I even have one, just for fun.) Doesn't necessarily mean it's on the up-and-up. I haven't heard of a single problem with Cafepress itself. They are the ones that handle the money, clothing/accessory printing, and shipping. But the validity of the independent shop, the legality of their images, and the intentions of the profits.... there's no telling for certain.

They do have stipulations on copyrighted material, but I'm never fully certain what can slip under the radar, and if this particular shop's designs will get any kind of notice without someone sending Cafepress a complaint. As far as they're concerned, this could be independent artwork created by the shop owner.

If someone decides to buy something from this shop, don't be concerned about scams or not receiving your shipment. Like I said, Cafepress is reliable. Any concerns should be placed on any copyrighted material and profit intentions. Personally, I don't like the idea of someone benefiting from another person's work... and I can't tell for certain whether that's being done here, or if the intentions are good. Personally, I would be reluctant because I'm guessing Eric Wight hasn't okayed this.
Well if it's any help Slay-A-Thon have a direct link to the Cafe Press store on their website.

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