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June 18 2004

David and James in London at Halloween. Well it'll certainly be a special event but it costs 299 UK sterling per ticket which is about 550 US dollars.

I was going to go when I first heard about it. Heck I'm getting married in September, it would have been a nice mini honeymoon. But not at that price *ouch*.

Part of me thinks that the high ticket price may be a deliberate attempt to keep attendance low(er) than it would be at normal (already high) prices. David is a huge draw. James is a GINORMOUS draw. Together, they could literally attract so many thousands of fans so as to overwhelm the organizers, the location and themselves. (And yeah, they could just sell a small number of tickets at a lower price. Then watch that small number of tickets be re-sold at outrageous prices on eBay. Pfft.)

I know David's last Con appearance in the UK was marred by bad organization and planning. Since they seem to have taken the initiative to organize this themselves, I hope a good chunk of that ticket price is going to the organizers to keep things flowly smoothly. There's no excuse to cock this one up.
I would like to go, but very expensive, dammit. Be cool to spend Halloween with David and James, best Halloween ever.
This kinda strikes me as taking slight advantage of fans who will pay that kind of money, even if they canít afford it, because itís such a hard combination to resist. London! Halloween! David and James! Iíve never been to a con, but this one made even me waver a bit. And then I took a deep breath. Am I less of a fan because I think that is just too high a price to pay even if I could?
I wonder why there isn't any hotel information. Its a two day event. Those of us crossing the pond would need a place to stay. Lots of info on eateries, though.
booked my ticket, yes it's pricy but if you consider that the last DB event was something like £100 per day plus extra for autographs photographs etc and this one is two days including all autographs, photographs and parties etc for both David and James .. well Ok it's still expensive (lol) but as a friend E mailed me today "it was never my ambition to be the richest corpse in the graveyard" and this looks like a lot of fun .
BTW there's a link on the site to hotel info but none of it seems very close to the venue .. and as the venue is right by a tube station I'll probably go for the old standbye of Kings Cross Travelodge and take the tube in.. That's the nice thing about London , it's easy to get around.

I haven't seen any info on how many tickets are going on sale but if it's like the James audience there were only 600 which is a nice number and the ticket prices would have to be hefty cos these boys don't come cheap!
At that price I would only buy tickets if it was the "Alyson Hannigan Emma Caulfield and Michelle Trachtenberg Take All Their Clothes Off, Cover You With Cream And Lick It Off Slowly" event. And I'd want autographs.

What?! She's eighteen now!
I think what is being overlooked is the fact that David and James are not cheap guests to book either. So the high ticket price is probably compensating for their high prices. Which isn't to say that the convention organizers are looking to just break even, but I'm just saying...
Willowy - the theatre is not really near any hotels - the venue is a boxing venue. It seats about 1000 people, so one reason for the cost is that there is a limited number of tickets. Also a photo with James and David is included in the price - to compare Chicago in May a photo op with David and Christian cost $125 and a ticket to the convention ran around a $100 for general and then went up for there. Also since this is David's last convention (at least until he descides otherwise) it's going to be a blow out once in a lifetime event. Also even though not announced Christian is going to be one of the other 3 unknown guest. I got my ticket - it will be my first trip across the pond - I couldn't miss the opportunity of seeing these guys together on stage. Willowy I suggest doing some searching on the tube the convention is off the central line so finding a hotel along that line would be the best at least that is what I'm doing with a couple of other people.
Thank you RavenU, I will do that.

I really want to take this trip. The price, for what we get, doesn't seem that astronomical to me, but I also have to consider child care here for about 5 days and choosing a hotel in London that's not going to make me cringe. Then meals and transportation once I get there. This trip will be a major endeavor for me. But I can't think of anything else I'd rather do this year travel-wise!

It really does sound like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Not only to see and meet the only two ensouled vampires on the planet, but also to see England! Never been, and at my age, I'm still young enough to really enjoy it! It'd be fantastic and I'm gonna work my butt off to "make it so."

small personal note * this year has been one for the record books; extremely difficult pregnancy, heart attack due to post-surgery blood clots, loss of my dear grandmother, who I was unbelievably close to, and finally, divorce. I think I really need to go there and experience this happy event. It would MAKE my year, (aside from the birth of my wonderful Willow) and balance out a lot of the bad! *
"it was never my ambition to be the richest corpse in the graveyard"

Me neither, but I imagine I'll be the most in debt corpse in the graveyard!! ; )
Willowy, you take that trip! With all you've been through you deserve a week to just splurge and have fun.
'Also even though not announced Christian is going to be one of the other 3 unknown guest'

Isn't Christian headlining a different event in London at the same time that this event is taking place?
Yeah - he is suppose to be but we are talking about his brother David so he may be making an unscheduled appearance at this convention or he may ask out of the other convention will see.
Hey blwessels, wanna go with me? ;)
Yeah, the price seemed to upset quite a lot of people. However, I say, if you can manage it then by all means go for it. Willowy, you go kiddo and enjoy yourself to the max. You deserve it. I'd go in a heartbeat if I could and I live in Massachusetts. (not that it matters any) Who knows, I may still decide to attend, just hope some tickets are left by that time.

Seriously though, to everyone who attends this event enjoy yourself. I'm sure it'll be one for the record books in more ways than one.

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I wish I could go but I can't so those of you who are going, live it up for the rest of us! Hey Aresnz, I live in Taxachusetts too!

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