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June 18 2004

Comics in Context #42: Joss Whedon's Comics & Stories. X-Men, Buffy, and more.

Thanks for the link, I was hoping that this particular reviewer would share his thoughts on Joss' X-Men writing.
This was awesome.

Especially liked the angle of the X-Men being teachers much like the Scoobies were during S7. I always thought this was under developed in S7, maybe Whedon will work it out more here. Then again, the students are a faceless mob which was part of what made the teacher's angle underdeveloped in S7.
Wow. That's freaking detailed. Tempted to go and buy this issue now. I'm not much of a comic book fan and didn't think I'd be able to appreciate the medium. But I have the feeling I could use this article as a reading guide of sorts. Neat.
All things being equal, I would not at all mind if Joss Whedon took over the X-Men film franchise once Bryan Singer finishes up 3 & 4. It's worth noting that Singer is also getting into the comics writing game as he will be taking over the writer's duties on Ultimate X-Men once the current arc is over in a few months.
I have to agree with Unitas, that was frickin awesome.
I think it's safe to assume that everyone would does not pick up one of Joss Whedon's projects is a retard. You'd think that after all of the contraversy the fans canceled after Angel, they'd be lining up to pick up the Buffy cartoon knowing that there will be millions upon millions of fans of ALL ages because although this is a cartoon that children can tune into especially because it will deal with the lighter years, the teenagers and adults and fans will never stop watching Buffy religiously.

Anything by Joss = #1 in my book.
I havent read X-men comics in 7 years, I think when I was about 10, but since Joss is writing, I think I'll have to start reading again. Joss + comics= Great...has anyone read the Buffy comics...pure genius, although I've only read 8 of them and Fray.
I've liked that reviewer ever since he wrote about Joss Whedon at Comic Con last year.

Worlds of Whedon

And his take on Frank Miller's Dark Knight series was amazing.
Sometimes Mr. Sanderson's articles seem a little too much like school, but when he's great, he's great.
excellent review...can't wait for the second part.

anyone who hasn't tasted comics yet, or just doubts that it's a good medium for narrative -- please do yourself a favor and go pick up neil gaiman's sandman series. after reading a couple of those collections, i think the vast majority of whedon's fans will have found a new habit -- comics. ;)

i for one loved astonishing x-men #1. trademark whedon.
Yeah this is good stuff. I didn't know that guy that covered Joss' San Diego appearance had a regular column on comics and such. I've read some already (long as they are) and they're great. Finally a writer that knows his stuff. (More rare on the net than you'd hope or think)

Thanks very much for that link.

"anyone who hasn't tasted comics yet, or just doubts that it's a good medium for narrative -- please do yourself a favor and go pick up neil gaiman's sandman series."

I second that one. Absolutely unique and classic series.

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