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June 19 2004

Straight In at Number One. Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men takes top slot in Diamond's sale data for comic books shipped in May.

Way down that thread, some one has posted estimated sales data but it may be on the low side (based on what another Newsarama poster has said).

And there were variant covers for the top three comic books but still quite a coup for Joss :).

I posted this on the article's website, and I'm posting it here as well...


1) Astonishing X-Men #1

There is a single reason why Astonishing X-Men #1 is number one for May 2004 - Joss Whedon.

Love it or hate it, he has a large fan base who are choosing to support him by purchasing a product they might not normally buy - a comic (um, excuse me, graphic serial novel).

I am one of those people. I haven't bought a comic since I was a kid, but I went out of my way to purchase a subscription (via of the entire series of 6.

I just received #1 last night. I liked it, and am looking forward to (and will purchase) the rest of the series. Mind you, I wasn't looking for or expecting Shakespeare or Mamet, just something enjoyable to read.

Go ahead and flame all you want, but Joss Whedon may have turned me on to GSNs. And while your flaming at me, why don't you turn me on to some good, kick-ass Feminist grrl-power GSNs!
No doubt Joss Wheadon has alot to do with buffy/angel fans
going onto xmen comics, but I also believe, Xmen comics themselfs, new ones attract regular xmen fans, but they get it because their x fans, not Whedon fans, but having Whedon is a plus, and is adding to the sales to those who know him, it's a combination of both.
I've never bought an X-Men comic in my lifetime and I rushed out to buy this the first day it came out. I'm sure there's plenty of other Joss fans who did the same thing. I wish it said how many copies were sold though, since I really have no idea how many it takes to rank #1.
doesn't take much, MindPieces.
No sales are not what they used to be which is ironic considering that comic characters, stories and themes are more 'in' than ever in every other corner of pop culture. Movies, cartoons, videogames, etc. Just to original source, the comics themselves as a medium, are more of a niche than ever.

But Joss writing AXM is obviously the reason it's on nr 1 now, since it knocked Jim Lee's Superman out of the top spot. As said, the X-Men are already one of the biggest, but the addition of curious Whedon fans pushed it that much higher. Hopefully it will stay that way.
I think it may have sold about 200,000 copies. To add to what EdDantes said, Captain America sold 1 million copies a month back in World War 2 making it more popular than Time magazine.
Any news on when there will be reprints so those of us who didn't get it the first freakin' day, when it sold out, can buy it?
There's a 'director's cut' of issue one out this week. Or come over to my local comic book shop in Belfast, there's still a fair number of issue ones knocking about. I wonder if any comic book shops in the States over-ordered too.

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