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June 19 2004

UPDATED: Andy Hallett Unable To Attend Slayerfest, Clare Kramer replaces Andy will be unable to attend Slayerfest, the Grimsby based Angel event Monday 21st June; Clare Kramer steps in.

Posted from the event organiser over the email:

UPDATED "Just to let people know that Clare Kramer has agreed to step into the breach to replace Andy Hallett at VERY short notice for Slayerfest this Monday."

Previous post:

"It is with the deepest regret that I have to announce that Andy Hallett will be unable to appear at Slayerfest. I received a phone call at 7pm to say that owing to Andy's ill health he will be flying back to the States and will not be able to honour his commitmnt too Slayerfest. A replacement guest is being arranged and will be announced as soon as it is practical to do so. We must state that the event will run and that there WILL be two guests appearing on the night. I hope this does not disappoint fans more than is necessary and hope that Andy is well enough to come and visit us when he next appears in this country.

Andy Evans"

I wish Andy all the best and hope to see him in the future.
I've changed the link so it links to your extended description. I would have linked to the actual site Slayerfest from Rogue Independence but I notice it's really a Geocities site and I have no wish to have it exceed its bandwidth by linking to it from the main page. But if anyone here is going to Slayerfest, there is a phone number for telephone queries.

And I really hope Andy gets better soon.
Thanks Simon :)
I hope he gets better soon too!
God! He needs to STOP already! He went right back to conventions and events before he should have. Heal up! Don't be silly!
Thanks for the update The Host.

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