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June 20 2004

Julie Benz Talks 'Saving Angel'. She thanks all the fans for their efforts in the Saving Angel campaign. "(They) were appreciated by the whole cast and crew".

"Fan efforts to save the show are continuing at"

Boy, talk about fighting the good fight...!

It's over. A-boo A-hoo...but it's over.
Well, I think the savingangel folks are still raising money for charities and whatnot. Nothing wrong with that.
And they might be pushing for telemovies or something else, I don't really know.
Sorry, Rogue Slayer...I was just bemused by the "to save the show" stuff...the show is gone...I'm as sad and angry as anybody about that...but to talk about efforts to "save" what is already gone struck me as silly.

Also, David has not really given a lot of cause for optimism about telemovies or anything else.

As to the charitable stuff--bravo, totally bravo. Great stuff indeed.
Also, David has not really given a lot of cause for optimism about telemovies or anything else.

No, but JM has, so maybe we should have a SOS campaign! (Save our Spike!)
I'm up for seeing Spike again...that assumes he survived the last episode of Angel!

I think he did. Angel and Illyria, too.

Damn, I want to see the next episode. Really, really do.

(crying in my bourbon.)
If I could have ended the show, Angel would have been the FIRST one dead, saving Gunn or something and pushing him out of the fight.

Spike can't die because... well, I still wanna know what the hell was the purpose of bringing him back and Illyria just got too interesting.
Christopher, Illyria noted that Charlie, wearing the red stuff on the outside, had maybe 10 minutes left at best...a goner, sad but probably true.

Share your curiousity about why Spike was brought back, as well as whither Illyria.

But: why Angel the first one dead?

I don't want him dead...uh...dead/undead...uh, having a nomenclature breakdown...
I don't know. I think that Angel's done, you know. He was so ready to go out and he had lost EVERYTHING and given up EVERYTHING (except Connor) for the greater good. To save everyone else.

It's like Wesley, to me. He just seemed.. finished.

And who knows? Maybe someone could patch Gunn up with magick? I dunno. :( So long as my Illyria goes on..
Illyria told Wesley he was mortally wounded but Gunn she said had ten minutes left before he faded. To me, that could indicate he had ten minutes before he didn't have enough strength left to fight. In my world all four of them survived because Joss had planned on a season six and those four were left at the end and we've seen them survive other big battles. Angel definitely would've survived because, well, he's the star, Spike and Illyria are way too interesting to let get killed in battle (and kill any chance at a potential spin-off) and Gunn was the last human member of the team alive so I think he would've survived too. Joss had already told Amy he had big plans for Illyria next season before they found out there would be no next season.

As for the campaign to keep fighting, without the fans continued fighting for Firefly even after the show was cancelled and gone for good, there is now a movie being made. The Farscape fans also kept making noise after the show was gone for good and there is now a movie being made (or mini series - haven't seen the show so I don't follow it too much). My point, just because one chapter has ended doesn't mean the book is finished. Keep on fighting, keep on making noise and there may still be some more chapters left to be written.
"keep on making noise and there may still be some more chapters left to be written."

Very well said...also keep buying the DVDs etc. I think that was a major part of Firefly's resurrection as well wasn't it?
Not only that, but because of extremly high DVD sales, they're bringing back "Family Guy", so extremly high Buffy/Angel DVD sales could help us get an "Angel" movie or another Joss show on the air.
We need to keep up the fight if we want to see movies or a spinoff. Why not start sending cards to the "new" guy at the WB who took Levin's place? Maybe HE will get the message. We are still sending cards on various can't hurt. The emphasis has been on a movie for Spike or a spinoff with him and various characters. The latest interveiw with Amy Acker featured comments she made about the finale. She said she got the impression from the writers that our heroes survived the I think there is still hope. I'll keep sending cards to Joss, ME , Fox and also cable stations. I will NEVER tire of Spike....I would love a movie or spinoff and I don't think I'm alone in this.Keep making noise......drown them in post cards>

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