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June 20 2004

Learn the WONDERFALLS DVD release date! Rejoice!

Not only the date but a little bit about which episodes will feature commentary tracks.

Wow, that's so soon! I can't believe it, this is awesome news!
*does a jig*

Just in time for Christmas. : )
I'm excited! I'm also glad that Bryan Fuller and Tim Minear have gotten involved with promising projects.
I'm sorry this won't be a loaded DVD set like Firefly but I suppose I'll take what I can get. The year just gets more & more expensive for me on the DVD front. On a side note, I watched the first episode of Fuller's Dead Like Me this evening. If you liked Wonderfalls, you will love this show. Excellent & funny. It almost makes me want to get Showtime.
Great news!!! I cannot wait!!

And NOLA64, I also enjoyed Dead Like Me very much to begin with, but Bryan Fuller actually left the show early on its run, due to creative differences with the other producers, and no later episodes, IMO, ever matched the quality of the pilot. By the season finale, the series became, IMO, completely hopeless, which was a shame because it started out with such potential. The problem is is starts out being cynical and edgy and satirical, and by the end of the first season has become Touched by an Angel, completely losing its irony and its uniqueness.
I have just finished watching the whole of Season 1 of Dead Like Me on DVD. I really enjoyed it, but agree that you can see the difference after Bryan left. I wonder what the 'creative difference' was...maybe over George's character because she definitely changed over time. In the last ep, you get to see Jewel S from Firefly in an ummmm...interesting role ROTFL!
I don't think Bryan Fuller ever fully described what the "creative differences" were. One thing he mentioned was the lack of a budget. Showtime financed DLM like it was a quirky sitcom, but Bryan wanted the death scenes to "hulk out" (his phrase), like they were true action sequences. Also, in the pilot there was a tiny hint that George's dad was gay, but that plot point was gone once Bryan left. I don't know why they didn't keep it, why would Showtime care? Instead they sort of made him a kinda letchy college prof who was a little too close to his young female students.
Well, they better hurry up now releasing this. 9 of the episodes has now been bootlegged and leaked on to the net.
(woo-hoo, finally I get to comment on stuff too!)
Bryan had a lot of great ideas for Dead Like Me that got tossed out. He'd planned a whole episode about the mythology of reapers, which would have been cool. He also had an episode where George kills a reaper and finds out that's where gravelings come from -- dead reapers. It's kinda like reaper hell. He had also planned to make Clancy gay and had an episode planned where George finds out and realizes that since her dad's gay, she probably isn't even supposed to exist and that makes the fact that she does even more special. It kind of brought home the point that sometimes you need something big like that to make you realize how special life is.

It really sucks that he left, but he wasn't happy there -- and while the cast seemed to love him and share his vision for the show (in the pilot commentary, they talk about Bryan a lot and say they'd love to see a gay Clancy storyline and miss a lot of his touches, like seeing "Millie" every now and then), the same can't be said for other higher-ups.

Oh, and hi! I'm Cranberry from, and I was finally able to register here.

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