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June 21 2004

TV Gal Throws Open the Voting. Vote for Angel, Wonderfalls and Tru Calling in the Amy Awards at Zap2it.

Emmy -- We Don't Need No Stinkin' Emmy, aka Great Performance that Probably Won't Be Recognized

Amy Acker as Fred/Illyria on "Angel"

Too bloody right.

Man, if only it wasn't up against Scrubs in two different categories...
If you go about half way down, it mentions that Tom Lenk is on Six Feet Under this week. I have been trying to find a confirmation since last night that it was him. has screencaps of his appearance. It's definitely Tom!
It was Lenk. He was great, and somebody on Six Feet Under must be an enormous Buffy fan cause Michelle Trachtenberg is on next week.

Oh, I don't care how many times they cut to the audience looking awed that was the worst attempt at performance art I've ever seen, and I live in Los Angeles.

Quick add on, I had a tough time but ultimately, I had to go with Arrested Development over Wonderfalls in the best new show catagory.

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Oh yes, Arrested Development

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