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November 09 2002 frontpage BtVS stuff featuring the article by Stephanie Zacharek called "Deconstructing 'Buffy' " about the Blood, Text and Fears academic conference recently held in the UK and her experience there, the paper she presented at the conference, along with a lengthy TT discussion concerning BtVS. (Membership required)

Too bad membership is required though. Especially to post in the TableTalk discussions although just reading them is usually all I do despite feeling that I have something to contribute. Maybe this will push some people into buying the membership as I'm sure is always hoping their content will.

Did anyone here attend the conference?

Click on this link & scroll down if you are a non-member & want to read several abstracts from the academic conference, including Zacharek's.
Salon features a sponsored "day pass" access to its premium content. Just use the link to the "Buffy" article by St. Zacharek, scroll down to the end of the abstract and click your way through an ad. I viewed all 4 pages to give "Salon" its due for this nice effort, but if you're absolutely appalled I think you can go straight to the content.

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Think I'll pass. Not interested in encouraging this kind of behavior. I don't think it will ever work. I already pay to access the 'Net. Paying on top of that for the content is a suck idea. I know Salon has to make money somehow, but this ain't the way to do it.
You can call me naive, but I think that the *ad-sponsored*, *free* access to Salon's "Premium content" is a nifty thing.

The conference report by St. Zacharek is light-hearted and well-written. Her essay for BT&F relies heavily on a previously published piece in the wake of episode 6.10.:
I was there, and I wasn't much impressed by Zacharek, but I haven't much time at the mo', so I'll just post a link to my report later.

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