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June 22 2004

New petition for an Angel console game. In order to generate interest for a spin-off to the two successful Buffy games

An Angel-style Splinter Cell? Oh yeah baby, that would be at the top of my list anyday

Am I the only person who liked Angel Season 4? I had envisioned an Angel game in my head, and I would prefer Capcom to make a pass at it. They could set it during season 4 and base it upon the Resident Evil remake engine. It would be perfect for the hyperion hotel.
You're not the only one Gorilla... I had always thought that season 4 was by far the most popular of any Angel season
Nope, definitely not the only one. I actually started watching during season 4 and thought it was great. And I would buy that game in a second.
I definitely think there should be an Angel game and another BtVS game too. Buffy's games were so popular and sold so well there is obviously a market for it. I would personally like it set in season five just because of Illyria. She'd be a cool video game character.
They should make the Buffy games available on PCCD, just hope they do it with Angel if it comes out.
Gorilla you're not the only one.
Now, I do juggle between season 4 and 5 as my all time favorite ANgel season. Personally, especially after the disaster that was season 3, season 4 seemed like classic, even though it wasn't deprived of a few minor problems.
Habeas Corpses does look a lot like a Resident Evil game in form of a Angel episode.
I'm not a massive fan of console games of any kind, i don't own any of my own and overall i prefer my sports and recreation a little more real, but i have played Chaos Bleeds with my nephew and really enjoyed it so i would definately back an Angel game along those lines.

As for season 4, i also really enjoyed it with the possible exception of the shiny happy Fang Gang period. Seeing Angel, Connor, Wesley and Gunn being all sweetness and light really makes me cringe everytime i watch it.
And I thought *I* was the only person that loved Season Four! Awesome!

The first Xbox 'Buffy' game was great. The second, 'Chaos Bleeds', not so much. Still good, but not nearly as good as the first one. But I would definitely support the idea of an 'Angel' console game, if only for the opportunity to play Wesley with his sleeve-mounted sword and twin .45's.
I liked season four too but thought it kind of fizzled once Jasmine showed up. But I usually change my mind when I get to watch the shows straight through on dvd without all the annoying interruptions, commercials and pop-ups. You get to experience how the writers wanted you too and I usually get a lot more out of it once I see it that way.

As for Chaos Bleeds not being as good as the first game. That's true. It was good but it could've been better. I liked some of the new stuff they added like the staking button. Chaos is a game that you really need to play a couple of times at least to learn a lot of the fighting moves because the better you get at the fighting the more enjoyable the game is. I would've loved it if you could've played the game straight through as any of the characters.
I would've loved it if you could've played the game straight through as any of the characters.

I agree. Who wants to kick ass as Spike, then have to throw a little spell as Willow, or worse yet be Xander??? There should be an option to play through.
Another fun thing they could've done was allow more than one character to be played at the same time. For instance, the part of the game where Buffy and Spike are in the scene together would've been a blast if one person could've been Spike and another be Buffy. Have that option a few more times with different scenarios and characters (such as someone being there to help Xander who should've needed help fighting multiple vampires) would've been a nice touch.
Kind of off topic, but in response to people discussing who like which seasons:

In my head I don't break down Angel into seasons, looking back on it this is how I break it down

Arc I: Angel the Private Eye with Dental Issues
1x01 - 2x19

Transition I: Fear and Loathing in Pylea
2x20 - 2x22

Arc II: Father, Son and Holycrapdidwesjustsayhe'dtakeawayherbucket?
3x01 - 4x21

Transition II: Ex-Girlfriends with you best interests at Heart

Arc III: Irony's a bit-ca
5x01 - 5x22

Anyway, the point is that I see the show in retrospect as three distinct arcs more than as five distinct seasons.

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In order to make it playable with several characters (and also, due to the more action oriented nature of Angel) they should dumb it down from the two Buffy games.

I think a straight brawler would be great. Use Spikeout as a template, with signature moves and the ability to customize your character with your favourite outfits and accessories from the show. Have it be online with Xbox Live, again, like Spikeout, with 4 player co-op.

That would rock.

Oh and give us an MMORPG set in the Buffyverse while you're at it. With classes like "Watcher", "Slayer", "Vampire", "Wicca" etc.

Pretty please?
Electronic Arts created the first Buffy game, and Vivendi Universal created the second. Angel was in the first game. Both games had cool, independent story lines that fit the show, but weren't part of a particular season. So in that spirit, a cool game for either E.A. or Vivendi to create would be a storyline that included both ANGEL and BUFFY characters, only they have to fight each other (perhaps Angel becomes Angelus, or they could fight because of some tournament style situation.) And then the villians from various seasons come into play.
FYI, Giselle Loren, the voice of Buffy from the first two games, did an awesome job. Now she is the voice of the pilot to the new Animated Buffy cartoon. That ROCKS!!!
Love Sarah Michelle, but she's moved on....
And so have we. :)
Having finished the new X-Files game for the PS2, I hope the Angel game will be nothing like it. Great plot, great sounds, plays like a 1998 Resident Evil game. We've moved on since then.

Shame though, there was a certain clip from that game I would have linked at Whedonesque. Fox Mulder mentioning Buffy. Made my geek boy day.
I can't say I'm a big Angel season 4 fan, though I'm hoping my opinion might change when I see it again on DVD. I still liked it more than season 3 though, if only for the Faith arc and 'Spin The Bottle'.

I think that an RPG set in the Buffyverse would be amazing, though an Angel game would be nice too. As long as I get the option of being Cordelia, who should insult the fashions of the demons just before lopping their heads off.
The first Buffy game wasn't made by Electronic Arts, nor was the second made by Vivendi.

The first game was made by The Collective, confessed Buffy fans, hence the consistency in rules and facts in that game.

The second was handed to some people called Eurocom, who, as far as I know, have yet to make a decent game. They took the engine from the first one and basically just added more moves and a ham fisted attempt at "getting to play other characters". Something's up when you're kicking more ass with Sid than with Spike and Buffy. Staking vampires with swords of steel is also considered, in my book, as dropping the ball.

The decision to have Eurocom develop the sequel baffles me, and one can only hope that a third game, be it Buffy or Angel, is handled by The Collective.

(They were however published by Vivendi/EA in different regions)
Bitter, much?
lol, yes. I often end up trying to actually consume the gamepad when I play Chaos Bleeds. :)
I agree Mirkan, I found the second game to be very poor compared to the first. Lasted a couple of hours, then I either smashed my head against a wall, or got sick of it... can't quite remember ;).

Also, I hate it how the publishers (ie. Vivendi and EA) seem to get the credit all the time when they really had nothing to do with making the game...
An angel game would be cool, maybe if this one does well there can be a Buffy/Angel crossover game. Maybe they could even make games based on single characters. For instance, a Faith game...although the slayer thing has been done, an Anya game (who wouldn't wanna play as a vengence demon?), a Spike game or Spike and Dru game, or maybe they could even make one where you could play it from the bad guys point of view, as you go through each season of the show. I just wish that Joss and co. would go find a company with more realistic graphics, like Square Enix, because the characters look very cartoonish and crappy...did you see Buffy's face in Chaos Bleeds?
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt that Chaos Bleeds was lacking compared to the first game. The Collective did a wonderful job with the first game that Eurocom's work with the sequel really fell short by comparison.

That being said, staking vampires in the crotch proved to be rather amusing. :)
Speaking of Buffy videogames, I would love to see a Buffy Animated game. Imagine a cel-shaded game similar to Jet Grind Radio or Zelda Windwaker and it could look fantastic.
Did any play the two Buffy games that came out for the Game Boy Color and Gameboy Advance? Just curious to know what they were like.
The two Buffy Gameboy games were unbelievably bad, the GBC one was just Buffy walking from one end of a level to another using the same move again and again to kill demons, levels were seperated with text accompanying really bad photos of the cast. The GBA one had nice graphics and animations, it was better than the GBC one in that you had to think a little more, apart from that it was the same, the plot was truly terrible, something about a demon bringing the Gentlemen back or something. I wouldnt reccomend either of them.

An Angel console game would be great, I'd want it to be the same style as the two previous games, and perhaps have the idea of multiple characters, only have differences between the characters, ie. they can fight as well as they can on the show. Didn't David Boreanaz say someting about an Angel video game in a recent interview.
Thanks for that Ghost Spike. David mentioned something about an Angel game, but it wasn't clear that it was a video game (though presumably it is a video game as an Angel board game and RPG have already been released).

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