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June 23 2004

IMDB Poll of the Day: 'What show got canceled before it's time?' Not suprisingly Firefly and Angel are choices. But trailing badly behind Family Guy and Twin Peaks.

Bit of an odd choice that Family Guy is included. I thought it got a new season? And as for Twin Peaks, well I enjoyed it but sitting through season two was hard work some of the time.
In retrospect, I think Twin Peaks needed to go on more than Angel did. Sure, some people have their knickers in a bunch over the ending of Angel (which I thought was absolutely fine, although perhaps not Chosen-tastic) but the Twin Peaks ending is plain cruel. Probably because it wasn't meant to be the end of the series, but rather the end of the season. We're spoiled like that with Angel and Buffy knowing they're going out. (4 eps/a season ahead, respectively)

Family Guy? Never cared much for it, but that's beside the point of course.
I never saw Twin Peaks, but I agree, Angel and Buffy had a proper ending - the best a series can have, anyway. In this poll I would have voted Firefly but Freaks and Geeks would be a close second for me. :)
Why this world is still stuck with things like Andromeda and Charmed is beyond me ;)
I'm loathe to vote for other. Profit should have been a choice.
Oh, there's plenty I could have added in there. (And man, if they only meant the Tick cartoon instead of the live-action.)

Gotta agree with Mirkan, though. Twin Peaks, man, it really needed an actual ending.
Yeah. Wishing I could vote for Twin Peaks and Firefly BOTH.
You should add a Registration Required on the post. At least, it told me I have to register to vote...
I want my ANGEL back, dangit!!!
Re registration. My bad, I registered with IMDB so long ago and never realised you needed to do so to vote. Sorry.
The combined votes, when I voted, for Angel and Firefly bring them up to a close second. I voted for Firefly because it was just pure brilliance and the story arc was one of the best I've seen on tv and for it to end just midseason like it did was frustrating and upsetting to not be able to find out what was going to happen. Yes, there is going to be a movie now, but although I'm happy about it, it will never satisfy me like many years of great episodes would have.

And although I'm upset that Angel has ended, we got five years of it and the writers were given a chance to finish the current storyline and end it in a brilliant manner. Firefly was never given that chance.
Family Guy???!!!

America -- it is a stupid place. Ptui! We will speak of it no further.
It shouldn't be too big a surprise that "Family Guy" is doing so well. Practically every under-30 male I meet is completely smitten with the show. Very Spike-ish (like the cable channel, I mean).
I also voted for Firefly, but it was a tough choice with Angel on the list.
I voted Firefly. And.. I like Family Guy.. actually, I love it.
Family Guy can be a pretty fun satire, if they don't focus too much on Peter, since he's way too much of a Homer Simpson clone. The other elements of the show are far more original, and there's some real biting humor in it.

That it beat Angel and Firefly and everything else in this list is more than odd, though. And 'other' is a combo percentage. Should be mentioned at the bottom, not have it's own slot in the top 3.
I was surprised to see Twin Peaks as an option, since it ended so long ago. I do recall it was left open (with Josie having become part of the drawer knob!), but its loss isn't lasting 14 years! As Simon said, season 2 got a bit hard to watch (and harder to follow), though some things did get sorted out (if I'm not mixing it up with the movie). Guess I'll have to rent the DVDs.
The daily poll is now "Which show SHOULD be canned?"
Charmed is #2.....

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