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June 23 2004

And Happy Birthday to Joss Whedon. The big man himself turns 40 today.

Well, gee. Happy birthday Joss.
Welcome to the club, Joss.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss! :-D
May you have an equally great decade this time!

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Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you, Joss.
40 huh! Hope i'm still as young at heart when i get there!

Happy birthday Joss, hope you have a really great day.
Hee, happy 40th birthday Joss!
He does seem young for his age, yeah. So it's party-time at Joss' house with free Buffy/Angel goodies and booze right? :)
Happy 40th Birthday Joss! I just celebrated my 40th a week ago too! 40 is young!! I know my kids think it's ancient but it's a great age to be!
Most men cope with hitting 40 by getting a sports car, Joss goes and does a movie!
Wow, I hope I live to be 40! ; )

BTW, not to make every post about JM, but I can't help but remember that Joss is a couple years younger than James Marsters, but certainly doesn't look it. I bet Joss hated James on the set! :)
Happy birthday, Joss! Hope you have another 40 great ones...and that we all get to go along for the ride!
::sings:: Happy birthday to Joss, happy birthday to Joss, happy biiirthday to Jooosss, happy birthday to Joss!

Um, right. Sorry...
Happy Birthday Joss!

My son and I are watching OMWF this morning, now it takes on even more meaning! Many, many more, oh Maestro. *bows*
Yes, tis a day to binge on Buffy, Angel and Firefly episodes, as well as rushing out to buy The Astonishing X-Men #2.

Happy Birthday Joss!! If I could even effect 1/1000ths of the lives Joss has by the time I turn 40, I'd feel pretty good about myself.
Amen to that MindPieces...
If I could only do a portion of what he's done, affect what he's affected, create pop culture icons by the time I die, much less before 40.....I'd be a happy person!
Mr. Whedon, please (in order of precedence):

1) Live a long time with good health. (None of that "the good die young" crap.)
2) Do things that make you happy as much as you can.
3) After (1) and (2), please create as much stuff that you're happy with as possible. (Yup, that's the selfish request on my part.)

[Every time I read Josephine Tey's books, I could just weep -- I *know* she had dozens of good stories to tell.]

And most importantly: 誕生日おめでとう (Happy Birthday!)
Happy, happy birthday! I guess I'll have to honor the day by cancelling everything else and watching all my favorite BtVS/AtS/Firefly eps. Woo hoo!
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope you have a great time! All my love, Crystal xxxx
Birthday happies on your 40th, Joss. I just hit mine this past November, and it's a good place to be. Thank God (or a random confluence of fortuitous factors, whichever) you were born. Without you, entire worlds that have brought joy to so many would have remained unimagined. Please stick around and keep making this world a more fun and thoughtful place to be, okay? :)
Bookrats: Is the Josephine Tey your are referring to the author of "the Man in the Queue" and "The Daughter of Time"?
Joss, fight the urge to roll down the hill, Stay 40 forever, Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday, Joss!

It's my brother's birthday too. We're going to go have all you can eat Sushi and seafood if my father is feeling better.
Happy Birthday Joss!! :)
Josephine Tey wrote those books mentioned above as well as a few plays under a psudonym. Daughter of Time is magnificent. I'd like to see JM play the Inspector.
Happy Birthday Joss. Many many many more.
Happy birthday!! And who says there are no Angel and Buffy fans over 40!!! Congrats Joss. you're the best!!!
Many happy returns... man i am just about to turn 30...
Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to the most creative and awesome persons in the world Joss. Happy birthday to you... and many more
*Does the dance of joy for Numfar's Birthday* Happy Birthday Joss. :)
Happy Birthday, Joss!!!
Happy Birthday to the Big Guy indeed. May the next decade be even more succesful and fruitful than the last.

Ad yeah, almost depressing how much he's done before his 40th.....sigh....
Happy Birthday, Joss, and many happy returns!
Happy Birthday, Joss! I can think of no one better to share a birthdate with. :-)

Here's to the next 40! Enjoy them!
Happy day-after-birthday, Joss - glad you were born!!

...(almost 52 year old fan)...

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