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June 25 2004

Joss Whedon at Comicon July 25th. According to the new official 'Serenity' site, Joss Whedon will be at Comicon on July 25th from 1-2pm.

The newly opened official 'Serenity' website recently announced that Joss Whedon will be at this year's San Diego Comicon on July 25th from 1-2pm. Whether it's for a signing, a Q&A session, or both, is still unknown.

Isn't this the same one that SMG will be at for "The Grudge"?

That's just...interesting ;)

I've gone to the Con every year since I was like five, and now I expect my Joss fix!
Thank God!! I had to go wake hubby and tell him!
Now our money spent will actually be worthwhile for us!
YEZ YEZ YEZ YEZ! (I am said hubby)

I knew it! I knew he'd come. They said he wouldnt. "He's shooting a movie" they'd say. But I knew. "Have Faith in the Joss!" I told them. And lo and behold! Lalali, lalalaa.

Dance of joy time...*Stamp. Stampstamp. Stampstampstamp. Stampstamp*!!
Two words, you lucky people: Detailed, detailed reports. Okay, three words...
I'll make bloodflowers words as mine (if that's ok, of course)....
and by the way, that's actually two words, one of them twice.
Get him to post at Whedonesque.
And detailed reports ye shall have! Let me be your prophet!

Well, and if I suck as a prophet I'll look up a link to a good report as well. I remember Filmforce did a great article on Joss' Comicon appearance last year.
My Dad is old friends with one of the guys (or maybe it's the guy, not sure) who started up the whole SD CC thing, too bad I don't have the money to go to Cali right now *sigh* as I'm sure if I begged, I could get some strings pulled to meet them both away from the crowd.
Although some of that's just ambition, if you were to tell me it'd be James Marster and Amy Acker, I'd be calling the guy constantly to hook me up, LOL!!!
Woo, and let me add a Hoo! This is the news I've been waiting for! Last year was my first Con and it was Joss' appearance that caused me to seek out other fans on the web. That's how I discovered Whedonesque! I can't wait and detailed reports shall, of course, follow.
Right so that's a Sunday, well lets says I post a link to the Comic Con website on that night around 10pm BST (2pm PST) and then people can post their reports in that thread i.e. the Whedonesque report thread for Comic Con.

And then if there's any interesting news I can re-edit the post to let people know and link it to the relevant comment by said poster. That sound ok? Cause it might take a few days before reports start filtering in.
That sounds fantastic, Simon. I will have my pen and paper at the ready!
Yeah, except, problem for me and the missus is that we'll still be in a San Diego hotelroom on sunday night, so it'll have to be monday before we'll be able to post.

Damn, no 'scoop' for me!

Oh and I wonder if he'll sign later on too? Maybe? Just missed out on that last year. We got there, and there he was with Nathan Fillion, but they capped the line!#@^*@$#* Does Marvel have a booth this year? He could sign at the Marvel booth then. He writes frikkin' X-Men now.

Say, if Joss isn't shooting, then no one is shooting. Why isn't there a big ole Firefly panel at the comicon?? Who needs a day off when you can soak up the adoration of the masses? Come on guys, push that movie! I sat through a Van Helsing panel last year and while Hugh Jackman was great, the rest was boring and the movie sucked! Give me a Firefly panel!!
WooooHooooo! Of course I have a one day ticket for either Friday or Saturday, but I can add Sunday, no problem.

I had a feeling he would be showing up to this.

Now I wonder who he will bring with him?

Yeah, and is he bringing footage?

EdDantes: you should've come the year before. We had a Firefly panel, then, complete with footage. (Actually, you really should've come in '99 when Joss brought Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Tony Head, David Boreanaz, and Charisma Carpenter... that was a panel to remember.)
"EdDantes: you should've come the year before. We had a Firefly panel, then, complete with footage. (Actually, you really should've come in '99 when Joss brought Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Tony Head, David Boreanaz, and Charisma Carpenter... that was a panel to remember.)"

Damn! Yeah it was. Didn't live in the states yet back then. And last year I missed Eliza. She should come this year! She got a second season didn't she? Promote that stuff!

And with the Firefly movie coming out, they should do something with it. I understand it's too soon to have footage, but I hope at least Nathan will join Joss again, like last year!

OH and my wife corrected me. We will be home on Sunday evening so we may yet beat everyone with the reporting!
William -- if you're father's friend was named "Shel Dorf", then he was THE guy. Otherwise, possibly, not so much.

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