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June 25 2004

Buffy, Spike, and Angel bobblehead dolls available for pre-order. Also new: Slayer's cross necklace.

Anyone else officially creeped out by the bobbleheads? I'd be afraid they'd kill me in my sleep.

Why does Angel look like John Kerry?
Why does Spike bear an uncanny resemblance to Tony Head?
LMFAO. oh god.
Spike looks like Tony 'cause they gave him a massive chin. Something Tony has. Marsters is perfectly chinless.
Why does Angel look like Dylan McDermott?
Bobbleheads should be outlawed. Except for this Peewee Herman one that I have.
Where are Buffy's eyebrows? For 60 bucks, I think they should be thrown in for free.

Re: Angel as Kerry -- bookrats, that was my first thought, too! Thank god he's dressed in a S2 outfit and not one of his S5 business suits or there'd be no telling them apart.
Buffy looks like Lizzie Grubman. Not a good thing!
Hmm, I was thinking Angel looked like Bruce Campbell!

Horrible designs. People get paid for this.....
Exactly, Rogue Slayer...these are horrible! Why can't they remotely resemble the charaters they are meant to represent?
Ya know, I've been living in the states for a few years now, but I still don't get the fascination for these bobble head things. And especially the ones that are based on real people just freak me out. We have one of that kid from 'The Christmas Story' (came with a DVD) and it's just the creepiest thing I've ever seen.

And the ones in this article don't really help me change my mind! Scary stuff.
the only decent bobblehead i've ever acquired was jack skellington form nightmare before christmas. these are an abomination.

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