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June 25 2004

Vote for the sexiest Buffy and Angel characters. The official Buffy and Angel mags are conducting a poll on who the fans think are the sexiest B & A characters of all time.

You can e-mail your choices to Your name and nomination could be mentioned in an upcoming issue.

Eliza Dushku. I can't imagine anyone being sexier.
"Eliza Dushku. I can't imagine anyone being sexier"

I second that. Arf! Arf! Awoooooooo!
Yeah Eliza Dushku for the girls definitely. and David Boreanaz for the guys. the only competition there is james, but in season 6 he too often looked old and sickly to me.
"Yeah Eliza Dushku for the girls definitely. and David Boreanaz for the guys. the only competition there is james, but in season 6 he too often looked old and sickly to me."

Heh, don't let my wife hear you say that;-)
Let's not forget about Wesley in the later seasons. I think he achieved a certain amount of dark, gritty sexiness. And in my opinion, his fling with Lilah was hotter, much better acted, AND more emotionally layered than the most overrated couple ever: Buffy/Spike.
Eliza's totally hot, natch', but her real "out-there" sexiness as Faith doesn't trump the more understated sexiness of some of the other characters for me, including Willow's attempt in that little red dress to seduce Oz, or, if I may cross gender-preference lines for a moment, Tara wrapped in a sheet. Likewise, Fred in Angel does it for me big time.

But if I have to plump for one (and it's kind of cheating): Buffy playing Faith playing Buffy in "Who Are You" was the sexiest thing in the whole darn series. You get Buffy bod + Faith 'tude. Oh yeah.
I thought Buffy's Faith 'tude was excellent in "Who Are You," but as for the bod-- no way. That was during SMG's skeletor period when it looked like she couldn't go three rounds with a woozy kitten. I'll take a healthier, rounded bod anyday.
Woman: Lilah, Jenny, Darla and Faith

Men: Giles and Wesley

Too many choices really.
Man-wise, it'd have to be Dark Wes. SO hot...Woman-wise, gots to be Cordy in The Wish. When she is at the Bronze in that red sequined number trying to "show Xander." So beautiful!
Faith just exudes raw sexiness and it's part of what her character was supposed to be like. She constantly talked about getting some and wanting some. Buffy wasn't allowed to have many of those moments but the sexy dance with Xander, obsessed naked Buffy under the short trench coat, and Faith in Buffy body were all pretty hot sexy scenes. Oh, and any scene with Buffy and Spike rolling around too. Willow and Tara had many a hot scene together and vamp Willow straddling Angel to play with the puppy. And how about Willow also in BBB, waiting in Xander's bed in just his pajama top and then going over and nibbling on his ear.

Now, as for the men. I just love most of them anyway and think there are so many hot guys on BtVS and Angel that it would be hard to say who was hottest. Both DB and JM are tremendously sexy yet so different. I more prefer someone with a body type like DB but JMs has the most sexy eyes. And Wesley and Giles! Both extremely sexy characters and men. The first time I thought of Giles as hot was in the Halloween episode when he turned into Ripper and beat the crap out of Ethan. And then in Band Candy when he was bad boy Giles was so much fun. And any time he's singing! Wesley, my poor sweet dead Wesley, what a ways he came! I think he became one of the sexiest if not sexiest guy in both shows when we got to see his darker, more serious intent side and all those hot scenes with Lilah. Never thought Gunn, Riley or Xander were sexy (well, Xander a little bit in The Pack before he tried to sexually assault Buffy and was mean to Willow).
Was typing when you posted Simon, forgot about Darla. Yes, she is definitely extremely sexy and was so great on Angel with both her scenes with Angel and Lindsey. And I forgot about sexy Lindsey too.

Frankly, there are just too many sexy people on both shows to have to chose!
Arggh, completely forgot about Jenny! She's definitely up there with that smokin' voice of hers. Can't go with Darla though - never liked her, didn't do a thing for me. She and Joey Lauren Adams can take their squeaky selves elsewhere ;). Cordy was nice to look at, just not my type.
Too many women:

(in no particular order)
Anya (probably at the top of my list in any event)
Jenny (many women have told me they wish they looked like her)
Cordy (well, duh)
Darla (Especially in the backstory sequences)
Lilah (Leave them on!)
Praying Mantis woman (she'd have eaten me up in HS)
Harmony (duh redux)
Glory (the queen of bad home perms, indeed!)
Fred (yeah, I have eclectic tastes...)
Faith (duh duh duh...)
Kendra (my only shirt!)
Jasmine (whoa!!!)
and, uh, a girl called Buffy

Men (speaking for my wife here):

Dark Wes
Wesley! Not just Dark Wes, but Geek Wes, too. What can I say, I have a weakness for smart men. Intelligence is *so* sexy. Special love for that time around 'Loyalty' when he had stubble *and* wore glasses! :) After that, probably Oz and Giles are next on my list.

As for the ladies, Tara is absolutely beautiful and quirky. I love quirky. Especially in 'Hush' with that shy studder and zig zag part in her hair, and she's shown quite a few *smouldering* looks over the years. Then probably Faith (well, *duh*) and Lilah.
Female: Too hard to choose. Willow, Drusilla, Faith, Darla and Cordelia are my top picks (in no particular order).

Male: Definitely Riley or Gunn.
I never thought Gunn was sexy AT ALL. and then "Players" aired. hubba.

i still gotta go with Angel(especially when he's evil)/Faith as sexiest though. Wesley was maddeningly hot in Season 4, but that was the only time.

So Wes (season 4), Faith, and Angelus. I guess that makes "Release" the sexiest episode ever?
Women: Tara - hottest woman on either show ever.

Men: Oz. Zen sexy.

Urgh. Just realized that both my choices dated Willow. Weird.
Oh, Narky, I agree. Angelus is so sexy! Especially in Buffy season 2. For me, the #1 sexiest man has to be Wesley. Then Giles, Angelus, Lindsey, and Holden Webster.

On the female side, first Willow then Faith, Illyria, Bethany, and Vi. There are just so many sexy people on these shows!

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Knox. Definitely Knox. And then Giles. I think Tara is really, really beautiful but I think I might have to go with Jenny Calendar. Hard to say.
I'm going to say Eve... Bizarro World.
God, Wesley hands down. Male, female... doesn't matter. Faith was freaking hot, but Wes gets my vote without question.
Spike and Faith have always been and will always be my top picks, but other than those two, have to go with Wesley or Giles and Cordelia or Lilah.
Speaking strictly from a male perspective (as I wouldn't presume to do otherwise)

1) Willow. Her girl-next-dooryness means she's the type of person one might actually meet. Fantasy is all very well, but she has both the intellect and the possibility going, erm, on. 9 out of 10 fanboys agree.

2) Illyria. Totally because I identify with Wesley (being British, but not in Blighty, and a bit of a dork - maybe I should invest in an overcoat and a shotgun with slo-mo capability. Plus some stubble. Hmmm). Also, she goes against the Playboy type. A slim shot of heaven for atheists.

On the other hand, character wise, Cordelia would shoot me down before I'd got out an opening line, Tara would dis my lack of religion and, well, Faith would probably use me and then ignore me for the rest of my natural life. I'd enjoy it, but...wherefore then?
Man, reading all your posts.....getting dizzy. Too many sexy people!

But on pure bod alone....still Faith. She's got a great figure, but she's still firm. Got some meat on there ifyoonowhumsayin'....(ah no I can't pull that last thing off)

Sarah's obviously a beautiful woman but man, she got waay too skinny and pretty soon too. We recently rewatched "Superstar" and I noticed her shoulders. It was S4 and you could already see the bony joints stick out through the skin. Such a shame.

No Eliza always kept that.....firmness......hmmmm....

(Btw if I was gay or a girl, I would probably go for Spike or Dark Wes.)
Male - without a doubt it would be Caleb. Followed by Xander and Lindsay.

Female - Faith or Lilah.
Anya, Cordy, & Jenny—oh my!

Honorable mentions for Amy & Buffy
Spike - this is a question? Then Xander.


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Oz, Wes, Lindsey, Lilah
Men :Spike without a question, Wesley mmmm, Angelus

Women (much harder category) : Faith, Darla, Lilah and Anya
Most definitely Angel/Angelus...definitely seasons 1 & 2. Just loved the cockiness. Extremely sexy! I would follow up with Wesley...he is a beautiful man. Gorgeous eyes.

Girls: Buffy, Jenny, Willow
Women: Cordelia, Buffy S2/3, Faith, Anya S5/6, Darla, Lilah, Gwen, Fred, Illyria. BTW, where is the Gwen love, especially given Alexa Davalos opening shot in "Ground State." Ooh-la-la.

Men: I don't know Wes (the man I wished I looked like, though I could do without the torture and crazy stuff), Angel, Spike.
Giles, head and shoulders over anybody else. Wes with another 5 to 8 years on him. Young Xander.

As for the women, I'd have to pick Faith and Anya.
Oh, I forgot about Gwen. She'd be number 3 on my list of sexy women.
Oh, I forgot to add (for my wife) Principal Wood.

It just struck me...funny name..."Principal Wood"...I guess Faith would agree...
Definelty Cordelia. Faith comes a close second followed by Fred. Darla is pretty hot too.

As for the guys, if I had to pick one it would be Angel.
Male: Wes
Female: Faith

But I need to mention as well:
Spike, Angel and Giles

Female: Gwen (I'm not sure if this is the right name, the girl who had a recurring role in season 3 --- players ---) and of course the "cold" Illyria
Spike, without a doubt.

Anya or Faith.
" Women: Cordelia, Buffy S2/3, Faith..."

Shroomy: Definitely agree with the Buffy stipulation. She was so hot early on,(S2/3 were definitely SMG at the peak of her hotness) but when she got too skinny, that's when she lost my interest. I wish she ate more and exercised less:)
Gents: I'd have to say Angel, especially S2 AtS, when his hair was a little longer and quiffish, and his broody demeanor was sauced up with a side of broiling inner smolder. He was also insanely hot as Angelus in S2 BtVS, with the silk shirts, leather pants and black eyeliner that could have looked affected on some men only serving to amplify his rapacious sexual allure. That's all I can say without getting porny. ;) And then there's sullen, stubbled Wes. (Having both Angel and Wes in a scene together guaranteed a slo-mo review or three.) His brilliance and wit drew me in, and then suffering scraped through the pretty surface and exposed some amazing inner layers. His affair with Lilah was all wrong in all the right ways, tarnishing up his chivalrous attitude very nicely. Spike definitely rates a mention for his incredible eyes, smile and arms alone. Though I don't find his other parts objectionable in the least. ;)

Ladies: Lilah, oh Lilah, a goddess of ravishing hotness with vixen eyes and that starlet cascade of hair. I never got tired of looking at her. Darla in flashback was always delectable, with her droll humor and her insatiable lust. Fred's face is exquisite, but overall my preference leans toward a little more substantial build. On the flip side, I admired Faith and Gwen, but more for their figures than their features. BtVS-wise, Tara was luminous, almost stunningly pretty at times, but never inaccessible. And oh so round and lovely. And Faith was at her most luscious in S3, with the venom of her Buffy jealousy lending her sultry prettiness even more tang.
Illyria is very stunning...Anya is gorgeous. David has the extreme sexiness, but James has that personality that is very hot. There are just to many choices!
Men: Wes, then Angel
Women: Faith, followed by Lilah with Buffy bringing up the rear.
Yeah, can't forget Buffy's rear.
I loved reading all your comments!

For my choices I am taking into consideration consistancy over the episodes/years. All the characters are extrememly good looking and sexy people and they all have great episode moments where they are particularly sexy. OK here my choices:

Male - Got to be Spike. James looked consistanly great, actually he got better over time from season 2 - 7 on Buffy, working out. (Angel is a close second)

Female - Got to have Faith she is consistantly sexy however; I really think Illyria was amazingly hot (she just wasn't around much)
Sexiness? Now MANY things have to contribute to that! I'd have to say-

Female: Cordelia (the most in YW because it was great to see her as Cordelia again), Nikki Wood (she was just hot, especially while fighting on that bus), Tara (in a mystical way also), Willow (what else is there to say?), Drusilla (in a crazy way. She exudes sex, like Spike), Faith (but at times, they really rammed it into the gound).

Male: Spike (in all of his incarnations, he manages to make everything around him look good like nobody else could. Plus his attitude, voice, it's the whole 9 yards), Gunn, Lindsey, Principal Wood, Oz, Giles, Groo, Xander.

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Giles, head and shoulders over anybody else. Wes with another 5 to 8 years on him

Ohhhh yessss! Intellectuals with a dark side. Yum. (Sherlock Holmes was my first crush)

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