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November 11 2002

(SPOILER) Interview with Kristine Sutherland (Joyce).

Kristine Sutherland is to return for the November 12th episode of BtVS, "Conversations With Dead People." She notes that JW "is always commenting that death is relatively meaningless in Sunnydale… and I knew that I would be coming back at some point this year. So it wasn't a surprise, but I was certainly delighted." And so are we.

Sutherland says of the experience being back, "It was like putting on an old shirt… because the relationships are so strong that it's as though no time passed at all."

I certainly look forward to seeing KS reprise her role as Joyce (but dead) and hope to see her in more episodes to which she notes: "I think there might be another [episode]. It's hard to tell. Because sometimes you find out about things in advance, but in terms of where the story is going, ... we read the scripts and find out what is happening ... not too far in advance."

One of the most intense episodes in a long time. Anyone know who the band playing at the Bronze is?
We had some complaints regarding spoilers on the site so I changed the link/title a bit. We're going to have to try to not reveal spoilers in the link text.
Sorry about that.

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