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June 27 2004

Update from James Marsters. He thanks his fans and lets them know what he is upto.

He'll announce our engagement on that page one day, just wait...Perhaps I should lay off the baileys.

It is sweet of him to keep his fans updated so personally, though.
James seems like such a down to earth guy who actually enjoys his fans. I watched the q&a session with some of the cast on the Buffy season 6 DVD's, and he just really seems like a nice guy who doesn't act like a diva. He's sooooo hot!!!
What a wonderful gentleman. "Be good in school and listen to your mom and I'll be your biggest fan" couldn't ask for a nicer actor. Color me VERY impressed...guess that's the mom coming out in me! LOL
He really is a lovely guy! He obviously cares a great deal about his fans.
James is one of the most down to earth people around. He's truly grounded and doesn't let his celebrity get the best of him. He's a real sweetheart. He truly appreciates his fans; is most appreciative for all he's achieved; and doesn't forget where he came from.
Yes, but does he eat all his vegetables?
Please, Zachsmind, have you seen those abs? Of course he does!
Not only eats his vegatables but he's catching up on sleep and exercising....err...exercising in bed I wonder. Just so he keeps that gorgeous bod in shape. God...I hope we get to see this man again soon. Very nice of him to think of his fans though. Not many other celebrities are this down to earth, or even give their fans a second thought. James is just a really beautiful guy......
" I will write about my Australian experiences when I get back."

Dear Diary,
They really liked me Down Under, but I must keep it all in perspective
and remember to thank my lucky stars every night.
The fans ROCK, man!
love, James.

I love him too, but if I see the phrase "down to earth" used to describe him one...more...time...
James is so down to earth. ;-)
(sorry, couldn't resist)
Agreed Willowy, the phrase "down to earth" is used to much for him. I think he's well grounded my self. Hee hee!
Heh...descended to Terra?
He's got his feet firmly on the ground. Hee!
Gravity keeps his "magnetic" personality right here...uh???...on the ground...hehehe...okay I tried! LOL
His feet are so firmly planted that he's made a 'Hole in the World' that leads all the way to Australia. :)

Good Grief - sorry couldn't help myself.

Also try to remember with over 15 years in the theatre, as well as a producer he knows how to play to a crowd and he's extremely good at it.
Also try to remember with over 15 years in the theatre, as well as a producer he knows how to play to a crowd and he's extremely good at it.

Too bad none of this rubbed of on one of his Angel costars who shall remain nameless. Damn, but this guy is good!
He is a lovely, down to earth guy, who is well grounded and has his feet firmly planted on the ground. What a guy!! ;-)
How to keep James firmly grounded, lets think: a pair of handcuffs, a bedpost…. sorry went off into my own little world there

I think it’s great that he is making an effort with his website and I agree that some other people could take a leaf out of his book (enough said).
When he was on Ryan Seacrest, getting his hair cut for charity, he mentioned that they were able to get a lot of money quickly because, and he explained this to Ryan, people talk to each other on the internet. JM's so cute.
Go to his site and click on Gallery (left side, second from bottom). Scroll to the bottom and click on the left image (Spike and Giles). This pic made my day. Luverly.....
Thanks Redfern! That picture made my day and is now my desktop picture!
Just to let you know that the lovely down to earth and grounded Mr Marsters is at it again . his board has just been udated with some new shout outs . Bless the boy!
Hey blwessels, you are welcome. Its on my desktop too.

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