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November 12 2002

(SPOILER) USAToday gives " Conversations With Dead People" 4 Stars Fighting the living dead is, of course, Buffy's primary mission and the source of her show's title. But dealing with death and the dead has also given this remarkable series some of its best episodes, from the heart-breaking loss of a parent in The Body to the heart-stopping horror of the silent-classic Hush. Now, as if to verify its rebound from last year's subpar season, Buffy offers another sure-to-be classic outing: Conversations With Dead People.

For the record, I personally enjoyed last season---I thought it was a good turning point for Buffy from childhood to death to womanhood---

I have been looking forward to seeing this episode since I first read it's title, which is classic itself. I can't wait until tonight!

I agree Lady Pele, I thought last season was a superb, it was raw emotions all the way through...and I'm sure season 7 will be even better if Joss' history is anything to go by...

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