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June 29 2004

David Boreanaz set pics. On location photos from his forthcoming movie "The Perfect Lie".

Blonde hair? I'm thinking more like ginger.
it may be my masculinity showing through, but does that new hair colour mean anything to anyone? I'm pretty 'meh' about it, doesn't really concern me... what's everyone else think?
I hope it leads to a "character-change" in the movie. remembering Valentine he looked totally alike as Angel ... even the clothes. I hope this time he will be seen in a totally different with ginger hair :-)
What I wanna know is why he looked like a beefcake as Angel in season 5, but outside of that show he's one sexy (magic?) mama. The lighting must've been really unflattering, that's the only reason I can think of.
I don't think the lighter hair is flattering, but maybe it is a "character-change" issue, both in film and in real life -- a distancing of himself from the Angel role. It may be that he is trying to look more youthful, too, particularly after all the criticism he received during the last season or so. But I think he could have gone to a more natural-looking shade. The new color is so obviously bottle-born (and not in an interesting way).
I join the chorus of 'not a great hair color choice.' He's a brunet, he should stay within that range. This is bordering too close to orange!
I agree with the comments on the hair. I do NOT like it that color what so ever. I don't care if he is trying to distance himself from the character of Angel...I hate that definitely does not work for him. I love him tall, dark, and handsome, period. I would also like to say how much thinner he looks...his legs, torso...jeez...what happened???...and again...why didn't he look like that AtS5? Wow...I've just reread that...and I sound so harsh...but the hair...???...the hair???
I think the clothes are less form-fitting than all the suits he had to wear in S5, so that helps him out there. He appears to have a neck, Houston! I do hate his hair, though. Hasn't it been that way for a while? I remember seeing it that color on the WB news interview right after the finale.
If he wants to go blonde so bad...why doesn't he ask his good bud, James, for tips?? lol
Hey, if you read down on the comments below the pics theres a comment from sweeteb saying that he's naturally blonde and that he has been coloring it black before he ever got the role of Angel. Where can we verify that info? My initial reaction was that it's not bad, but it's certainly not a "natural" color. He might have gone a little more toward brown than the red, but I'll wait until I see the movie before I comment anymore
lisi...He was blonde as a baby/young child...I too was blonde as a child until I turned 5 and it slowly turned hair has always been medium brown...I think that this is David's story as well...and when I color my hair to lighten never lightens but with a reddish cast to it. He is definitely a brunette...he may of started out blonde...but brunette is his true hair color. Just like me...I wish I was blonde...but hey...not gonna happen here...unless it is bleached.
The reddish is from the stuff in the water.... Rust. lol.

And I like the colour... It looks more natural than James's hair did. That could just be the fact that my dad also has the same colour...only naturally. lol.
Coll, he really doesn't look like he has the complexion for blonde hair. I wonder where the story came from about him dying it black all these years. Maybe I'll contact that person on that site.
ROGUE...... you're right, James Marsters's hair never looked even remotely natural, but it always looked good on him to me. of course I lust after him ;-)
It looks like he has lost weight as well... or at least he appears more lean...
I just assumed that what was on that web site was true...(laughing as I think about that one!!! anyway...either way...I think that David is definitely a brunette. I was just saying that IF he was blonde as a child...that does not mean that he would remain blonde as an older child/adult. That's all. Okay...I'm done commenting on his hair.
Omg, stop talking about his weight. People keep saying he has more of it while working 14 hour days on Angel, but less of it on public pictures when he seems to have some time off. That's ridiculous. And who cares about that anyway? He looks great!
Elo...I think he looks awesome...always have...he has always been my favorite guy to look at.
I think the color is sometimes referred to as “brassy”. It can happen when a brunette goes too many shades away from their natural color. Not that I would know. My hair color experiments have always had perfect results. ; )
JM could get away with the bleached stuff because he had the right skin tone. This color doesn’t do much to compliment DB’s complexion and it looks like afternoon sunlight, which isn’t helping any. It may look totally different through camera filters. Different meaning better.
I think the DB as a blond is someone getting a story half correct. IIRC, at a con, James once stated that DB also bleaches his hair. The hair dept. had to do it because DB has naturally curly hair (just like JM), and the bleach straightens it out. So they used to bleach it, and then dye it back to brown. So Angel's brunette hair is a different shade than DB's natural color, but DB really is brunette too.
I'd seen pictures of the new hair color before now, so no shock here. Dark brown eyes and skin that can take a tan usually mean dark hair, too, which is characteristic of both Czechs and Italians (his ancestry). I have to say I personally prefer him dark, but he's so gorgeous I'm willing to make an allowance.

I was blond as a child until I went dark around seven or eight years of age; now I'm a medium-dark brunette with red highlights. In DB's case, whatever color his hair is, he's got the confidence to carry it off. If he likes it (or was asked to alter it for his role), that's the determining factor. As he's aging he may be starting to show a little gray at the temples (something I think I noticed this past season). Having it lighter may make that less noticable.
Wow...he's so's weird. But he looks good (not even going to comment on the hair because I'm way to snarky)
I can't believe his wife lets him out of the house like that.
I don't understand....that's his hair....for a movie?????
what is with all you peoples? in thoes pictures, didnt you see all the people with cameras? im sure he gets if bad already, who cares about his hair? who cares about if he gains pounds? its no biggie, just leave him alone, his hair looks fine, now why not EVERYBODY start talking behind your back, talking about how bad your hair is, LETS ALL COMMENT ON YOU!, the poor guy, he works all day, did you see how tired he looked? just put yourself in his place, come on now, try it, he's getting it from EVERY angle!, come on now people, really... i didnt mean to be rude, but you all act like you have better hair or somthing, mabey you do, so?, all i can say is, THE POOR GUY! ....ana again with the sorry
Let's not forget that the hair color might just be for the role. I'm an actor, as is my father, and we've both changed our hair color to better suit the role. If a character comes from a particular geographic location, and there's a common hair color associated with it (i.e. lighter colored in sunny California), then you change it. Being an actor pretty much requires you to be a chameleon, both in how you act and how you look. So it may not even be a decision to separate from the character of Angel, though it certainly serves that purpose as well.
Oh, and did they change the name of the movie? He's known as Lance in "Mr. Fix It". On the only movie I found called "The Perfect Lie" was from 1926. When did it change?

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