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"It appealed to the schizophrenic in me, both of them actually."
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June 29 2004

Set visit: The Grudge. An interview with Sarah, clips, and photos.

Link not working...
Working for me.
Forgot to mention, the release date for the film has been changed to October 22nd rather than the 29th.
Erm, can I be the first (and, quite possibly, the last) to say how articulate Sarah always is, and how lovely she looks in those interview photos with the smile and the crinkly nose?

I especially liked her description of American horror filmmaking: "you know, the girl goes into the forest 'Don't go in there!' and she's gonna yell, get slashed and possibly show her breasts", which, while not a novel observation, is almost authentically Whedonesque in its use of the word "possibly".
Decent interview. Funny how Sarah saw parallels with her experiences in this movie and 'Lost in Translation'. Btw I'm one of the few people who was kinda dissappointed with that film after all the hype, but I can see Sarah recognizing a lot of things. Funny how an onslaught of japanese sentences translates into the single word of 'faster', hehe. Gotta wonder about either the quality or the laziness of the translator.

Does anyone know if the Ring/Ringu came before the Grudge/Juon? Because the girl-ghosts and how they're depicted are strikingly similiar. I understand what the director means and I'm sure many japanese horror films have these elements, but it's a little too alike for my tastes, judging from the trailer at least.
I can't wait for this movie. It looks like it's going to be good. Ed, I do think the Ringu movie came first. There were a couple of sequels after it and then there was a very short lived TV series so that sounds like it's been around for awhile.

I also thought it was funny that the director would say a bunch of words in Japanese and the translator just says one word. That must be very frustrating on both sides to try and figure out what the other one means!

I did like the interview, I thought she came across nicely in it.
I'm pretty sure Ringu came before Juon. But, I could be wrong. Ringu was 1998/1999 wasn't it?

Sarah comes across well in pretty much every interview she does, as long as it's not printed.
Yeah, Ringu was 1998 and Ringu 2 was 1999, but Ju-On was 2003.
Check it out, I'm done with the book learning!

Apparently, Juon is a lot scarier than Ringu. I really want to see this now. And I'll be seeing the Grudge as well as soon as it arrives over here.
I liked the article and the photos, but since I use an iMac, I wasn't able to watch the videos. Very disappointed in

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