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June 29 2004

Be Your Dog's Angel. Links to David Boreanaz's new ad for PETA that will break in September. PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

???---no link
That is so adorable. Wish I had a printer..
Oh, sweet doggies! This is a pic that's been around a while; I think the one on the left is Bertha Blue. Without her, where would DB be now?

He once said he gave her steak every day as thanks for his good fortune. She died last year, I think I remember reading. *sniff*
I heart DB. He's hot and a lover of the animals. What more could you ask for?? link?
That ad was really nice... but the dog on the right looked a little ... crazy! LOL o_O :)

I don't always agree with what PETA has to say but this is definitely a good message to be putting out.
Okay, apparently some of you are getting a link?!! I don't see a link and apparently EdDantes and Coll didn't either. It just says:

"Links to David Boreanaz's new ad for PETA that will break in September. PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader." And you can't click on it to go to the page.
Hmm...Well you can also try going to PETA, the option to click on his ad is at the very bottom. If it still isn't working for some reason, my email's in my profile and I have a copy without the text as well as with it.

I didn't notice the cute fluffy puppy in the first row before, I have six of those running around my room.
Hrm, that's odd. The link's name is "Be Your Dog's Angel" which should be right before the other text. The URL is
I'm very confused lol For me, it looks like this and links here. What's being seen differently?
Don't you LOVE that he's wearing a Claddaugh ring? Takes me back to the old days...
very strange. I just see the white-text description line and no link. I thought a newbie posted and forgot the link or something. Weirdness...
awwww; that's a really cute/hot picture.
Thanks for the url kernelm! Yep...EdDantes...same weirdness link...nada...nothing...
You guys with no link: Maybe you don't have a pdf plugin? Try to right click and save to disk.
I'm with lyn...not always in sync with PETA, but this is a very good message. We have 2 largish (85 and 88 lbs.) rescue dogs who get a bones-and-raw-food diet, daily heartworm pills (the monthly--or worse--ones can cause problems), holistic vet care, and twice-daily walks of at least 30 minutes.
I’ve seen that photo before and I love it. Look-it the doggies! It seems lot of the Buffy and Angel cast members are ‘animal people’.
I used to belong to PETA until I felt that some of their tactics just seemed to go too far in trying to get the message across. This ad has a good and straightforward one.
Chris in Virginia—you get a gold star in the ‘good dog parent’ category!
bloodflowers, thanks, but my wife deserves most, actually close to all the credit...!

Only slightly off topic, didn't David's dog walks lead to his being cast as Angel in the first place? Seems to me I recall the casting director's neighbor telling her she saw him and needed to meet him...Dogs--is there anything they can't do?!
In the case of four out of my six dogs, that'd be behave. They're all dainty and less than ten pounds, refuse to go up stairs, and would prefer sleeping on a pillow (as three are currently doing) than going ooutside.

And yes, he was walking his dog when he was discovered.
And yes, he was walking his dog when he was discovered.

That was the reason DB fed Bertha Blue steak every day until she died, that I alluded to above (3rd from top). He used to mention her in almost every interview from the early BtVS days, before anyone knew who he was. It was like he suddenly popped up on this cult TV show, out of nowhere, and reporters were dying to know how he managed to nab such a role when so many other actors come to L.A. and never get offered a single job. DB always included BB in the tale of his rise to recognition.

Of course, he also used to tell this story about how his agent first noticed him walking BB, and it became apparent as they were conversing that the guy was actually cruising him. So while the dog deserved steak for getting DB out of the house, DB himself got offered the agent's represen-tation because he was, well, hot. (Not that there's anything wrong with that! ;) Only in Hollywood...

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