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June 30 2004

City Of Angel Season 5 Review. Come and relive the goodness.

I just wanna say that I missed one thing in season 5: Stephanie Romanov. Anybody with me?
Yay! I've been waiting for this review. I agree with pretty much everything in it. Reading it makes me sad again though, thinking about how late Illyria was introduced and how little time we had with her. And I get all sad and stuff when reading about Wesley.

Man I'm going to miss this show!
I missed Lilah too but given what they needed the character of Eve for combined with Lilah and Wesley's conflicting loyalties towards each other and their respective camps it would have been hard to have Lilah in Eve's role and make it work.

Shame we couldn't have had Lilah back for a guest appearance though.

To echo Electricspacegirl, MAN! I'm gonna miss this show!

Bring on the next slayer show! C'mon HBO, you know you want to! ;)
A new Buffy/Angel-verse show, or Angel revived, would be the only reason I'd pay to get ANY of the premium channels.
barbara, we don't get any premium channels, either, but we would in a nanosecond if one of them revived Angel.

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